Creative input desperately needed

Following my last post, the wonderful Tilly suggested that my Etsy store name dilemma might be solved if I 'ask the audience' for input. It's such a great and obvious idea, that I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it before! You friendly people are so creative and imaginative and I can only hope that you'll be willing to share some of that with me, because I'm desperately in need of some help. 

During this arduous process I've discovered that although I may be good at picking out fabric, I really don't have a knack for choosing names. I've had my poor parents brainstorming for weeks now, but we just can't seem to find a name I like enough. It doesn't help that my thought process has been rather erratic.

To begin with I longed for something pretty, girlie, kitschy. Something to reflect the lovely fabric in my blog banner. Ideas included Sew Splendid, Handmade Chintz, Polka Dot Pink and various other names that were either clich├ęd or taken.

Then I was determined to come up with a vintage-sounding name/persona along the lines of Edith Cherry and Veronica Darling. But could I think of any decent ones!?! I got as far as Ruby...that's it :o(

I then resorted to more 'practical' names which all sounded a bit lame.

I've also made things harder by preferring to stay away from the words 'vintage' (because my makes will be not truly vintage, merely inspired by) and 'sew' / 'sewing' (in case I want to expand to selling other things). Having said that, it's almost impossible to fulfil all my criteria and at the same time find a name that is available both on Etsy and as a URL.

Anyway, I have (with help from others) come up with a rather mixed bag of potential names, none of which particularly excite me:

Sew Nostalgic

Fashion Retake

(Little) Miss Sew and Sew

Back to Fashion

Fashion Comeback

Taking/Take Back Fashion

Sew Now and Then

The Kitsch Stitch

Blue Violet

Darling Dahlia

Has the disappointment of discovering that my favourite names were already taken made me unable to see potential in any of these names? Do you like any, or better still, do you have a favourite? Do you have any other suggestions or ideas? I'd absolutely love to hear them! 

I know that many of you have plans for your own future shops, so please only help if you feel you can without giving away too much.

Anyway, thanks for all the support so far and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Choosing a name is such a big commitment, but with your help, I just might get there in the end ;o) 


  1. Rocking Ruby? I already have my own shop, it's all yours lol

  2. Oh I'd love to help Marie but I'm afraid my skills don't lie in this area! Like you I'm good at matching fabrics, but names.... it took me about 1000 years to come up with Handmade Jane, original eh?! The only thing that springs to mind is Ruby Tuesday. But sewing bloggers are a creative lot, I'm sure a name will present itself soon. x

  3. When I was naming my blog, I had a terrible time coming up with something I liked that wasn't already taken! The name I *really* wanted was "runs with scissors". I dunno if that's taken on etsy, but I can think of other scissors puns (I guess I really like scissors) -- "cutting corners", "snip snap!" ... ok, maybe these are stupid. :)

    My etsy store is just named for a line from an (kind of obscure) song I like: "fragments of the morning". It's evocative, but not of anything in particular, so I figured it wouldn't limit me!

  4. I like the idea of a vintage sounding name with Ruby in it! Ruby Marie? Ruby Green Marie? Something like that!

  5. I love Rocking Ruby. Or Rockin' Ruby. Or Rockin' Robin.

  6. Ruby Tuesday -Famous Rolling Stone's song

  7. ooops, just seen Jane aready said that!

  8. How about Made By Marie? Does what it says on the tin :)

  9. I like The Kitsch Stitch!

  10. I thought "Sew Nostalgic" was cute.
    I'm terrible at the whole naming thing. Our puppy didn't have a name for a week.

  11. I am horrible at names... I had a band when I was a teenager that I named "Electric Brain Goggles..." So I will do you a favor, and not make a suggestion :) My only word of advise is to make sure you really like the name... because you will have it for a long time!

    But, I am so happy you are joining Etsy! Good luck!!!