Yipeee! My third and last commissioned apron is finished and I'm in love with its pretty pleats.

I've really enjoyed this whole process and I must admit that I've found it very motivating to sew with a purpose, other than my own satisfaction. I've particularly had fun discussing and choosing patterns and fabrics with 'the client'. And it has of course been delightful sewing my labels into each  of the aprons :o)

I'm so excited, I've just finished my second of three commissioned aprons and I'm so happy with it. It's view 5 from Hollywood 1667 and I'm now finishing off view 4. As much as I love this pattern, I've sadly never got round to completing my own version - a sneak peak can be seen in the link above – maybe after Xmas...?

Anyway, without further ado, here she is:

Here's a close-up of the fabric, even though photographs don't do it justice! It's a really silky cotton lawn and the background colour is actually a really deep navy. I love it so much, that I'm thinking of buying some more for moi!

I've also been trying to think of some handmade Xmas gifts for friends and family, other than my beloved aprons that is ;o). Time is running out fast though - not aided by my week-long visit to my family in Cyprus, due  at the end of November - so whatever I decide to make can't be too time-consuming.

I've mainly been inspired by vintage-inspired collars and you can read more in the blog I published over at the wonderful Crafty Christmas Club. Anywhere, here are some pictures of what I'm aspiring to:

I'm also loving the collars featured in One Piece of Fabric: 

How cute are these little necklaces?!? Can you imagine the endless possibilities, considering how many stunning vintage sewing patterns are in existence?!? I would add these to my Christmas list if I could wait that long, but for a cool £4 I must have at least one asap...so I've placed a cheeky order!

To make me feel less guilty, I've also thrown some adorable accessories in my basket for friends' Xmas presents. Check  Sour Cherry out, you never know what gems you might find for yourself!
Phew, just when I was beginning to think that I had sewer's block, I finished something!!! I've had a couple of really busy weeks, but I was beginning to worry that I'd never find the time to sew again :o(

Anyway, I'm so happy with this apron - my first ever custom order as I pointed out in my last post. It literally is my best yet and the finish on it is super neat:

I've now started work on my next two custom orders, which are also aprons. I have, however, reached a bit of a stumbling block, so if you're good with bias tape, pretty please pop over to Sew Retro and offer me your words of wisdom. Thanks!