Despite basking in the glorious sunshine this weekend, I got quite a bit done on my beloved Vogue 5510, a 1960s pattern which I'm hoping will turn out well enough to wear to a wedding this July. At the risk of exposing my lack of sewing knowledge, I'm really impressed with how the bodice is put sew the bodice and lining together and then turn the right side out. This eliminates  the need for facings etc. It's very clever indeed!

Anyway, as you can see the back's not quite even. This is because I'm not as small as a vintage size 14, so I'll have to cut the back piece in two (where it makes a 'V' shape) and add in a panel of fabric. This should be quite easy and at least I can take it in if I ever miraculously loose weight or add more fabric if I accidentally expand! I also think the straps need to connect to the back of the bodice a bit higher up (going by the picture on the pattern cover) so I'll have to adjust that too.

The front of the bodice fits really well, which I'm surprised at, as I thought it would be a little small. I'm also going to try an invisible side zip for the first time ever...can't be that hard can it?!?

So I've finally finished my sheer 1940s back-buttoning blouse - view 4 from Simplicity 1906 to be precise – and I'm feeling rather pleased with myself. I was so excited to get these photos taken, that I may not have washed and ironed the blouse, but I'm sure you'll forgive me...

Refreshingly the pattern had no facings. Instead it called for bias binding to finish off all raw edges, which is definitely my new best friend, producing really neat and professional looking results. I may actually use it instead of facings for other projects in the future.

I also got to try out the one-step button-hole function on my sewing machine, which was AWESOME! I couldn't help thinking I was cheating though, so I guess I should learn how to do it by hand at some point, but it was deliciously fast!

Anyway, as one project ends, another gloriously begins. I've got big plans for my next 1960s number, Vogue 5510. I plan on making the full-skirted version in the softest cotton lawn fabric (below) and if it's good enough, I hope to wear it to a very special friend's wedding this July. Fingers crossed...

After having successfully completed two dresses, I thought I'd make something 'easier' next and opted for a back-buttoning blouse from 1946. What I didn't realise of course, is that no garment attempted for the first time ever can actually be 'easy'! With it comes a whole new set of phrases and instructions, like  button-holes, dart tucks and bias binding...

Anyway, I seem to be making good progress and would like to share some photos. I'm making view 4 from Simplicity 1906 in a sheer and slightly stretchy cotton, which has a very subtle flower-print in orange, blue and green. I also found the cutest little green buttons!

I'm excited to be making something with a peter pan collar and I love how it has a forward-shoulder seam:

Gathered detail on the forward-shoulder seam:

And finally, I'm so proud of my dart-tucks (believe it or not it took me ages to figure out how to do them, yet they're so easy!):

Now all that's left is for me to do is trim the collar and sleeves with bias binding, make the button holes and sew the buttons on, sew the side seams and neaten the bottom and any other remaining edges.