We're partial to a bit of twinning, my sewing bestie Amy (Almond Rock) and I, but this time we've really outdone ourselves! We've made matching PJs out of this crazy cat print seersucker and have decided to throw a Pyjama Pictionary Party to celebrate. The best part is, you're all invited!

You can join us live by tuning into Amy's YouTube channel this Saturday (25 April) at 7.30pm (BST). We'll chat a bit, play a bit and there are kickass goodies up for grabs too. You can enter the prize draw and even help plan the party here - just send us your sewing-related Pictionary suggestions and any burning questions you want us to answer on the night.

It all started when I found this bonkers fabric on Leicester market more than a year ago. I had no idea what I would do with it, but that didn't stop me from buying a small bolt. It's quite a sheer seersucker with a subtle plaid pattern and the scruffiest little kitties all over it. 

Inspiration eventually struck and I decided to gift Amy some if she agreed to make matching sleepwear with me (always read the small print before accepting gifts). Reader, she said yes!

Do you like my cute lil rainbow label? It's from Paige Joanna.

I paired mine with the Nina Lee Piccadilly pattern, which is incredibly sweet, and they've turned out pretty darned cute. It was my first time using the pattern and I made up a straight size 12, leaving out the Mandarin collar as it's not a detail I love on myself. 

The fit is quite good, but next time I'd probably add an inch to the crotch rise to accommodate my fuller butt. Also, I think I would pinch a centimetre or so out of the shoulders and tweak the armhole a little as movement is a tad restricted (I like to do big yawns with my arms stretched out).

The most time-consuming part of this pattern is sewing on the bias tape which creates the darling details on the pockets, sleeves and along the hems. Once that was all done though, I sped through the rest, which felt really satisfying.

So that's the story of pussycat Piccadilly pyjamas - do you like them? And more importantly, will we see you at our Pyjama Pictionary Party on Saturday?