A ‘thank you’ giveaway is in order

I wanted to thank you all for your contributions to my last post about finding a ‘brand’ name for my Etsy store and beyond. To be honest, I’m relieved that most of you agreed that a) it’s tough think of names and b) it’s tougher to actually commit to one. I was beginning to feel like I didn't have a creative bone in my body! However, ‘talking’ things through with you guys sparked a rather fruitful conversation with my boyfriend and I finally have a name that I’m excited about now!

Don’t worry if you didn’t contribute to this particular conversation, you can still enter this giveaway, because I also want to celebrate (almost) reaching 200 followers. I’m at 195 at the moment, which I’m both astounded by and appreciative of.

Up for grabs are the following:

1950s pattern Simplicity 2034, along with 1 metre of a very lightweight yellow corduroy with ditsy flower print. The pattern is in excellent condition, uncut and factory folded. 

The pattern is a size 14 with the following measurements: Bust 34", Waist 26" and Hip 36".

1935 pattern McCall 8123, with 1 metre of a petrol blue and cream coloured cotton. IMPORTANT: All pattern pieces are present, but the instruction sheet is missing. I know I'm not experienced enough to give this a go without instructions, but hopefully the winner will be confident enough to give it a go!

This pattern is a size 14, with the following measurements: Bust 32" and Hip 35".

This giveaway is open to anyone in the world, as long as you follow my blog. It will close at midnight (GMT) of Friday 23 September and I will announce the randomly chosen winners on Saturday 24 September. To enter:

  • Leave a comment about what you’d like to win and letting me know how your ‘brand’ name or blog name came about. If you have neither, just let me know what you’d like to win.
  • Include an email address for me to contact you on.

Good luck!

Oh, for those interested, I’ve chosen Chintzy Cherry as my name! It’s kooky, hopefully memorable, ambiguous enough not to tie me down to specific 'products' and a good summation of my own personal style. Here’s a sneak peak of a logo in progress that my talented boyfriend designed. If you ever need an excellent website designing, his company – Hark2, is the place to go ;o)


  1. Well done on your name decision, and your logo's very cute! My blog name came from sometimes getting called Kestrel (my name is Kerry).
    I'd love to win the 1950s fabric and my email is kestrelmail (at) gmail (dot) com
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  2. Ooh good name, and really cool logo! Best of luck with that :-)

  3. I like your name and the design. The way my blog name came about was also through brainstorming with my partner. When I found "All Style and All Substance" I knew it was the right name. I would like to take part in the yellow giveaway because no instructions + vintage pattern = scary! Congratulations on your 200th follower!

  4. Congrats on getting to almost reaching 200 followers! That's awesome.

    But I wanted to make you aware that in America 'Chintzy' is often used to refer to something or someone as 'cheap','tacky' or 'stingy'. And I know your products are none of those things. I just wanted to let you know since you'll be marketing to people everywhere.

    And if you choose not to show this comment I totally understand. I couldn't figure out how to email you directly.

  5. Hello.... :) I'd like to put my name in for the 8123, looks like a delicious little pattern.

    I'm Steph from 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World. http://3hourspast.blogspot.com/2009/05/beginning.html <---- that's the story of my name, though several people have given me their own interpretations of it...

  6. I've been using the name Songsmyth for web stuff for many, many years, because my husband and I used to perform as an acoustic duo under that name. It has nothing to do with anything I'm doing now, but I still love the name anyway!

    I really like the fun '30s pattern and I don't pay that much attention to directions any more anyway, so I'll throw my hat in the ring for that one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. I think the name is adorable, and I really like the logo. Very cute! The 1930s pattern is lovely and I really like trying to figure out construction on those old patterns (a little crazy I know). The blue is a beautiful print as well!


  8. I came up with my business name (Eleanor Meriwether) by way of accident. I had decided that I loved this name enough I would have named my second daughter after it (which I haven't even decided to have a second child) but my husband detested it! So I decided to use it to umbrella my Antiques and Custom Clothing business. It sounds old fashioned so it worked out!

    I LOVE the second pattern and no instructions don't bother me at all.

    Your logo is quite cute!

    Best of luck in your endeavors!
    Tiffany (tiffanyvsaint@gmail.com)

  9. I don't have a blog but my etsy sign in is bookbuff19. I have over one hundred books in my personal library and reading is my favorite thing to do besides sewing and coloring. And 19 was always my number in grade school so its become a part of me. I would love to be entered to win the McCall 8123 pattern. I love the button detailing and the sleeves. My email is bookbuff@comcast.net

  10. My brand name (Maelle) is a play with the first letter from the names of the women in my family. My Asta Evy Linn Liselotte - and bonus extra "e" at the end. It was a natural decision for me since my clothing line takes most of its inspiration from them.

    P.S. I just LOVE the 1935 pattern and that blue fabric is so sweet!

  11. wow.. thanks for this wonderful giveaway!.. i love ur name and design too, color very soft and nice.. ^_^

    I use KuaiTahir as my brand/label name.. Kuai is my nickname given by my grandmother after i was born, with the meaning of 'be a good girl' which is am not actually the 'kuai' person.. Tahir is my surname mean Pure.. i rally love vintage and just started sewing about 4 mths now.. luckily am size 14! i really love to get ur giveaway and i would like to get any of those pattern.. and my email is kuaismile at gmail dot com.. thanks! ^_^

  12. I found you through Sew Retro and feel like a winner already...I am always looking for likeminded sewists to follow. My blog name came from my homebased business Sewfast Custom Embroidery and Sewing. My husband and I were brainstorming what to call the business and all my customers were really impressed as to how fast I completed their order, so hence the name. I would love McCalls 8132. I've been sewing for over 40 years, so no instructions doesn't scare me! Mary mdeeter at hotmail dot com

  13. I would love to take part in the giveaway for the blue fabric and 30s pattern. No, I'm not that good to do it without instructions, but I'm willing to try. My blog (from which I've been taking an extended break) is call Crumbs Under My Table because I always have crumbs under my table :)
    Congratulations on 200 followers!
    My email is mrswsworld(at)yahoo(dot)com
    Thanks for the opportunity to win :)

  14. Thank you for the giveaway, I have been following you via Google Reader a while. I like McCall 8123 a lot for the details but I am not sure if I can do without the instructions! But I like the details very much so I will try or find the instructions somehow if I win.

    My blog name is a no brainer as they are my first names added together!

    sertyan (at) yahoo (dot) com

  15. Great logo! I'm a new follower and I'd love to win the 1935 pattern :) My email is bronteroo@live.com. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. ooh,1935 please.I am so deco but so far have no original patterns:)

  17. Oh yes I know the pain of coming up with a name! It's a lot harder than it seems like it should be.... I like the one you've chosen - very cute. :-)

    Thanks for the chance to be in to win - both patterns are lively, but the idea of trying a 1930's pattern without instructions appeals to me, so I'd choose that one!

    I'm still deciding on my "brand" name - I'm not happy with my current one, one day hioefully I'll have an epiphiny and know what to change it to....

    Macska at gmail dot com

  18. I just love that yellow couduroy and the pattern is fab. My blog name, Pixies Ponderings, came about when my hubby nicknamed me 'pixie'. it has stuck with me all thee years!

    scwk0511 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  19. Congrats on over 200 followers! AND coming up with a name and opening an etsy store! I'm still trying to think of a name for my own etsy store. I'd like to enter for the 50s pattern, thanks :)

  20. OOPS! bri.l.reid (at) gmail (dot com)

  21. Hi, I'd love to win the McCall 8123 and if I get stuck I'll ask my lovely helpful Mum to tell me what to do. She's better than instructions :)
    My blog name Pearls and Lace came about from my favourite film at the time Pretty in Pink. The first scene where Andie's getting dressed for school and putting on her pearls and frilly 80s clothing. I was very into that style when I created the blog.

  22. Hi Marie
    I think your logo and name are excellent - the colour choices give an air of vintage without being exclusively vintage.
    My URL is TheMaterialGirl.co.uk - a cliche I know but I was trawling the "Buy a domain name for £5" site and came across it and couldn't believe nobody else had taken it. It turns out it had been used before - by a Madonna tribute act in Essex!
    Love your blog - I follow the RSS through Google.

  23. Congrats on the followers!!!! And I love the name you finally chose, and what a gorgeous logo. Sorry I didn't input with the name suggestions...I did have a little think, but couldn't come up with anything worthy of sharing!

    And my oh my, what a generous giveaway! I would love to put my name in the hat for the first option please. I love the second pattern, but I'm definitely not skilled enough to attempt it without a pattern.

    As for my blog name: Su Sews So-So....well I'm a sucker for alliteration and well, it's true!

  24. I love your new logo and the name is adorable. I did have a 5 minute think when you put out your plea, but couldn't come up with anything cute enough so gave up! I'd love the Simplicity 2034, I'm nowhere near good enough to do something without instructions! Good luck with your Etsy business - I predict great things!

  25. Oh sorry forgot to tell you about my blog name Stitch and Witter. I didn't want something that would sound like I actually knew what I was doing (with regards to sewing) because I was a beginner, and I wanted to leave it open to the possibility of blogging about other things like music and food (although sewing has now taken over my life so that's out the door!)

  26. My name is Beata, and my first thought for a blog name was the very creative "Beata's Blog"....
    I like alliteration, so I went with the same theme and ended up with "Tatulinka's Tales," Tatulinka was a family nickname of mine!

    I would love to win the Simplicity 2034. Like others, lack of instruction sheet scares me...

  27. I love the Simplicity 2034 and the fabric! My Sorbet surprise name actually came from my favourite My Little Pony when I was a child, plus I really love ice cream so it just sort of stuck with me and seemed appropriate!

  28. Hurrah! I'd like to win the first pattern, one can never have enough shirt dresses :)
    I'm dichohecho in most parts of the internet, it stemmed from my sister making me a Xanga blog when I was about 13 and I've since found that it's generally not taken anywhere (except eBay, where someone German has it!) and I like Spanish.
    My newer blog - 52weeksof.blogspot.com started out as an attempt to blog every week but that fell apart rather so I changed the title from "A year in the life" to "Not Found" which is the 404 error you get on Tumblr :)

  29. Hi there, good job on your brand name and logo, I think you made a great decision on it. I would love to win the pattern from the 1950's, it's very cute. I have an Etsy store called Babbs Boutique and I had a heck of a time coming up with that! I finally chose Babbs because it was my Nana's nickname and she was the person who inspired me to sew. :)

    ~Monica (monica.c.jones@gmail.com)

  30. I'd love to enter you giveaway, please count me in for the lovely yellow corduroy and the simplicity 2034 . Sadly I don't have an intelligent blog or website title to share with you. My e-mail address does have a story behind it (albiet not witty or funny). My friend had the most beautiful cat named Tilly, who I so desperately wanted to kidnap (or is it catnap?) and bring home with me. My friend was greatly horrified by this idea so I said, "fine, if I can't have the cat, I'll have the e-mail address." I never did get the cat but I've had the e-mail adress for nearly 10 years now and it's:

  31. It IS hard to think of a name, isn't it - but yours sounds and looks cute! My blog www.upsewlate.blospot.com gets its name from the fact that with young kids and a job the only time I have for sewing seems to be late at night, plus I love puns - the cheesier the better! Can you please enter me in the draw for that lovely 1935 pattern+blue fabric? Thanks!

  32. Almost 200 followers...that's fabulous congrats!!! Also, congrats on the cute name and logo to match! I like that name. I wish you the best of luck and much success.
    I'd love to have the 50's pattern. Thanks for the give away too ^_^

    The contact form on my blog will send messages straight to my email.

  33. love the 50's pattern. my name came from a child game show nice and short

  34. Great name and logo! I love the 1950's pattern. Very cute. Thanks for the chance to win and good luck on your Etsy store! pe_mayfield(at)yahoo(dot)com

  35. I'll put my name into the hat for the 1935 pattern and blue fabric. My husband loves blue, and I've been on the search for patterns from the 30s, so it seems like the perfect combo. My blog name, Sew Well, came from a few Shakespeare lines, "And since you know you cannot see yourself, / so well as by reflection, I, your glass, / will modestly discover to yourself, / that of yourself which you yet know not of." I thought "sew well as by reflection" was an appropriate name for a sewing blog since blogging is an act of reflecting. Plus, it seemed inspirational for a sewing path. I do hope, over time, to discover something of myself that I yet know not of!

  36. Cute patterns! So glad you found a name. My blog name (Curves, Patterns, and Pins) was suggested by my boyfriend. I couldn't think of one--most of them were cheesy--and then he asked "Well, what's it going to be about?". Good question.

    It has created some pretty serious fights in my house as my roommate and I are both grammar nerds, and have differing opinions on the "oxford comma" in the name (the comma after 'patterns'). Fight! Ding ding ding!

  37. I don't have a blog currently... though I am thinking about starting a sewing blog with an emphasis on vintage patterns and projects. I can't decide if it should be a sewing blog only or if it should include other stuff. I'm still searching for a good name if anyone has any suggestions!

    I would love to win the 1950s dress pattern!

  38. I would love to win the first dress from the 50's!

  39. I love the name that you've chosen. I,too, am a lover of vintage. I fully believe I was born in the wrong decade. I love more elegant clothes. If the dress jumps out at you, wear it for the day. Most women during those time periods did wear these clothes day to day. I would love either pattern.

  40. I am dying to own a 30's pattern but I've been too cheap to pull the plug. So I'd adore the 1935 pattern. I would hug it, love it, and call it George.

    The name of my blog just came to me. I don't feel as if I fit the stereotype of a soccer mom or someone who would be interested in vintage or even someone who sews. So there is it.

    Good luck on your new venture!

  41. Would love to win this! And the 30's pattern would be my pick - it's a bit ambitious because I'm still fairly new to the sewing game but I dont own a 30s pattern as yet so it would be great to have this :-)

    My blog name is pretty simple and was born of the fact I like cats...and my name on a lot of sites is a variation of Kitty-something....So it was natural to come up with Kitty's Drawings...not very creative but oh well!

  42. Cute name, although I have to agree with the above person who said in the US the term chintzy is meant as cheap - I think the term started when chintz fabric was the cheapest available and considered lower class. But it's 2011 now and I think the idea of chintz is charming~ it's certainly not cheap anymore! Nice logo too, very cute.

    My business name was something I worked out over several days. My name is Karrol and Kiki is a nickname, I am part German, but I wanted something Polynesian influenced to bring to mind pin up girls and Dorothy Lamour 1940's retro glamour. So Kiki von Tiki was born!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway, if I won I would love that 30's pattern and fab blue fabric! kikivontiki(at)yahoo(dot)com

  43. Hi Marie, Congrats on deciding to set up an Etsy stall. I had one for a while called Buckingham Road (name came from the street my grandparents lived at). I would love to win the 1935 pattern and fabric. Can't wait to see your store up and running. Sam xox

  44. i just "found" your blog site. I love those retro patterns,unfortunately, most i find are way too small for me. I am a "fluffy" girl and those older patterns just didn't run extra-large in the first place, let alone the sizes were smaller back then. i would love to win the fabric your givin away or any buttons,lace,etc that might be included in give away. my email is moonchild72248@hotmail.com i dont know how to blog, nor am i a vendor ..i must "choose" a profile so anonymous is what i understand from the choice list

  45. Just found your blog. I would love to win the 1950's pattern & yellow fabric. My google name came from the Jane Austen book Persuasion. You can reach me at knittingmom2b@gmail.com

  46. Just found your blog through SewRetro. Though I don't have a blog or anything, I'd love to win the 1930s pattern and super-cool fabric, and it's actually the perfect size for me. Look forward to seeing Chintzy Cherry in action. scooter1919(at) gmail-dot-com