Fun with detachable collars #2: the peter pan series

If you're bored of detachable collars, look away now! Although I did warn you here that they'd be plenty more related posts to come...

As you can see, I've dedicated this post to the peter pan collars I finished off this weekend, but I've also got exciting plans for some sailor collars coming up soon. 

I've tinkered with some simpler, reversible peter pan collars. I think the crocheted lace ties are such a sweet touch!

I've also grown my collection of double layered peter pan collars...

Clearly there's more peter pan collars here than a girl could ever need, but these aren't for me. They're for my Etsy shop, which I intend to open at the start of long as I've picked a name of course. Picking a name is harder than I could ever imagine! I'm also having issues with lighting and getting decent pictures. I'm sure you've heard me moan before about the poor lighting in our flat and the weather restricts the number of good outdoor shots I can get, so my lovely boyfriend's been looking into light-tents for me. I'm so grateful for his help, because I'm a bit impatient when it comes to researching 'boring' things.

Anyway, I hope you've all had a great sewing-filled weekend. Although I'm not looking forward to work tomorrow, I am very much looking forward to following Portia's newly-unveiled challenge, The anyone else ridiculously excited by the caliber or stitchers involved in this?!?


  1. Ooh, these are SO cute! :) We have a light tent (well, my boyfriend has a light tent), it's great, I think it would be an excellent choice for you. I recommend looking on ebay, thats where the boyfriend got his from. It came with lights and a four backdrops of different colours. It also folds down into itself with a handle to carry it and pockets for the lights! I think it was about £30-40, not to bad to say it came with all the accessories! :)
    Ashley x

  2. They are beautiful Marie. I love the double layered ones. Especially the last one. Congrats!!. I can imagine how difficult it is to choose a name for your shop. My friends own businesses, and that was one of the most difficult thing for them to do.

  3. Thank you both!

    Dibs - the name's a killer for sure!!! So hard :o(

    Ashley - thanks for the light tent info, out of interest, how big is the one your boyfriend has? The price sounds brilliant, though I may have been looking at bigger ones I think!

  4. I love the collars. They add so much personality to the outfit.
    My husband does photography and recently bought a few Z96 LED lights. They are very bright. Perhaps those will help with your pictures.

  5. So exciting that you're opening an Etsy shop - good for you! If you're struggling with a name, you could always "ask the audience" (ie. us). Do you have a short list or ideas of the kind of thing you want to evoke with the name?

  6. These are so cute, and a really original idea. Please make more nautical ones too, that one was my favourite.

  7. Your collars are so lovely! I'm particularly taken with the double purple polka-dot one! And the crochet ties are indeed very very sweet.

    Good luck with the shop! I think you are doing things in the right order....I have the name, branding, logo and ideas for my shop....I just have to actually MAKE the things! lol.

  8. awww these are really cute! I especially like the double collars and their all so neatly sewn.

    Good luck with your etsy shop I'm sure you'll find a name soon.

  9. Thanks all!

    Tilly - I took your advice ;o)

    Nikell - I'll look into those ta!

    Don't worry Law, I'll be making plenty more sailor collars for sure!

    Suzie - having a name/brand/logo will pay off when you've made stuff to sell. I really think that's the hardest past. So make stuff in your own time and rest assured that when you're ready to start selling, it will be relatively pain free ;o)

  10. Stunning - absolutely beautiful, and such a great way to brighten up a plain tee - kudos :) x

  11. I was looking up double peter Pan collars and I found your post Marie! this looks like such a good idea vs. setting in a collar. so pretty.