Finally, some Xmas gift-making!

I’m happy that I can finally report back on some Xmas gift-making, after having to admit partial defeat by recognising that I don’t have the time to make as many as I would quite like. As lovely as my two-week November break in Cyprus was, it really has set me back.

Anyway, I decided that realistically my first ever crafted Xmas will be modest, with two vintage inspired pinnies and a ruffled collar. So far I’ve made the pinnies, but the collar got put on the back-burner when I got a request for another custom-made full apron…which is also now complete.

For the two pinnies, I used Simplicity 4479 and Simplicity 4492 and I must admit that they both came out beautifully…in my very humble opinion:

The apron which momentarily interrupted the making of the ruffled collar, is View 4from  Hollywood1667. I’m so happy with my fabric find! My colleague who commissioned this apron said she likes turquoise and purple shades and floral prints. I managed to find all three rolled into one!

Now I just have to make the ruffled collar and I’ll be on track for my modest Xmas gift-making. Are you making good progress with your crafting? I’ve been following many of you on Crafty Christmas Club and you have well and truly put me to shame!

Oh, I have one more thing to share too! Today I signed up to a 12-week 'Pattern Cutting & Garment Making' course, due to start in January. I'm so excited at the prospect of learning how to fit clothes properly and how to draft patterns. Let's hope it lives up to my expectations...


  1. Hey Marie, thanks for your recent post on my blog. I saw your pinnies on Sew Retro but the link didn't work so never found your blog!I adore your pleated Hollywood creation, and take it from me, you'll LOVE pattern cutting & garment construction. I completed NCFE Level 1 in both last year and it's made such a diffreence in my understanding & confidence with dressmaking. I shall keep a look out for future posts!!
    Have a happy Christmas & New Year!
    Portia (Miss P)

  2. Thank you Portia for your lovely message, I am really looking forward to the course I must say! I too will be following your blogging avidly ;o)

  3. These aprons are to die for! Absolutely delightful in every way! You are one super-talented sewer! :)

  4. Thank you Rebecca, you're very kind!

  5. The aprons are just the best I have seen anywhere. I just love the vintage patterns you use because they are so girly!
    Myra Kness