Naughty but right

So we had a pre-Christmas get together with some friends on Friday and beautiful gifts were exchanged! Being the rebels that we are, we broke the rules and opened said presents...yes, before Christmas day...eeek! We just wanted to see each others' faces as we ripped into our thoughtful gifts.

Anyway, I've already devoured my divine edible gifts, but here's a couple of pictures of my sewing-related ones. They are so cool, I couldn't have picked better ones for myself:

 The pendant is just like the ones I posted about here and funnily enough it's the one I originally wanted. However, when I placed my order I mistakenly ordered a different one! So now I have two beautiful pendants...lucky me!!!

I know it was naughty opening our presents on Friday, but if it makes a difference, it's really helped to put me in the Christmas spirit ;o)


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