Your #VintagePledge Makes

Your commitment to #VintagePledge never fails to inspire me, you guys! As we're already a quarter of the way into 2017, I thought I'd share a taster of what you've been busy pinning to the dedicated Pinterest board

I'll be posting quarterly updates on the blog and more regular ones on Instagram, but in the meantime don't forget to sign up to #VintagePledge here. I've shared my plans, what are yours?

Vintage Gal - 1930s crochet jumper and matching hat in mustard

English girl at home - 1930s reproduction pattern paired with velvet

EM Originals - 1940s blouse pattern paired with vintage rayon

Mermaid's Purse - 1950s pattern paired with an autumnal cotton

Allie J - 1960s pattern paired with a lightweight cotton sateen

These Days are Few - 1960s pattern paired with a cotton floral print

Try Curious - 1970s pattern paired with silk


  1. That yellow sweater and matching hat, so darling. All of it every piece was beautiful eye candy.

  2. These are all so inspiring!! I love seeing all the vintage pledge makes and am really hoping to take part this year, finally!

  3. Looks like the #vintagepledge is well underway. What great projects and inspiration.