Stoff & Still 23127

You guys seemed to fall pretty hard for sneaky shots of this make on Instagram, so I hope the full reveal of my Stoff & Stil 23127 top doesn't disappoint!

Before you scroll down any further, a disclaimer: The following photos could not be helped for it was impossible to not pose in such ways that show off the dramatic sleeves reminiscent of 1930s glamour.  

Don't say I didn't warn you about the cheesy photos! Anyway, moving on... 

The dress and top pattern is designed for woven fabrics, but I really fancied pairing it with this delightful french terry that Portia coerced me into buying during our trip to Stoff & Stil's headquarters earlier in the year. With it's textured metallic look and luxuriously slinky feel, it's hard to believe it's actually a snuggly loose-weave knit.

Like all Stoff & Stil patterns, this one's only available in single sizes, so I went by my largest measurement and chose a 14/42. I think I would have struggled with the fit across my hips for the dress version, but the top turned out pretty fine. I just pinched a bit of surplus out from the neckline and side boob area.

I only pieced the back piece due to lack of yardage and I was hoping to omit a closure altogether. However, the neckline's quite high and I didn't want to stretch it out over time, so I added an exposed zip. I love the way it looks, though the centre back of the pattern is curved so it doesn't sit as nicely as it could. That's an easy fix for next time though.

Another thing to note about Stoff & Stil patterns is that they come pre-cut on something that looks and feels like interfacing. While there's no tedious cutting out, don't get your hopes too high though about checking the fit without wasting fabric. Sadly they don't include enough pattern pieces for that (in this case only one back half and sleeve), but I worked around it by tracing another back half onto Swedish tracing paper and sewing the whole lot together (minus one sleeve) before cutting out my fabric.

Patterns also come unprinted with perforated shapes as markings, much like some of the older vintage patterns out there. This wasn't an issue for such a simple design, but could be a little intimidating for more complex ones I guess.

What is really remarkable about Stoff & Still patterns is the very resonable price, this one being under a fiver! They design, print and cut them all in-house (the cutting machine is so cool and clever!) making it more affordable for themselves.

Have you tried a pattern from their range yet? If not, are you tempted?


  1. Love this top! And I love the poses as well. Not yet tried their patterns, but your post gives enough info to consider getting a few. :)
    Did I say you look so lovely wearing this top!

  2. Coerced! Ha ha! I was right though! Looks fab on you! Bit disappointed to hear that you can't stitch it into a toile without first tracing additional pieces. Hmmm.

  3. That is so FUN! You'd never guess it was a French terry, so you get the glitz but comfy at the same time. What a sneaky combo. And while I know you didn't want a closure I think the exposed zipper is perfect for it!

  4. I adore those sleeves! What a glam fabric choice too. X

  5. You have your cool fringe back! That is a great top with Jeans, the zip is lovely too. I have not tried their patterns yet but might wander over there. Jo x

  6. Love this top especially the sleeves and I never guessed it was french terry until you said! But it's lovely all the same, love a good metallic fabric.

  7. Seriously good choices here Marie! Love the exposed zip and the fabric is a perfect match for the glamour of those sleeves! I would never guess it was a knit