This time last year, I had just completed a self-imposed week-long outfit challenge, using my three pairs of True Bias Hudson Pants to rid me of my January lockdown blues. I enjoyed it so much that I'd be tempted to repeat it if I wasn't expected to go into the office once a week nowadays.

Even without my tie-dye waffle version (I made that pair later on), I felt both cute and comfy in my choices. I shared the week as an Instagram stories highlight, and more recently, I popped the seven outfits in this quick reel

You see, up until last year, my loungewear consisted of ready-to-wear bleach-stained leggings or saggy PJ bottoms with thread-bare tees. Finding nice joggers that fit my shape has always been a challenge, but when True Bias released their high rise tutorial for the Hudson Pants, I knew that was a silhouette that could work for my body.

I get asked a lot of questions about the fit of my versions, probably because I can't stop waxing lyrical about them. So, if you're curious, as well as the high rise tutorial, I also followed these instructions for a full butt adjustment and added a little length to the front crotch too.

I find the construction oddly satisfying and the only fitting issue I've had, which many others have echoed too, is that the leg cuffs are too narrow as drafted. So it's wise to do a little measuring before you cut them out and add some width. I got away with sewing mine with a tiny seam allowance and shaving off some width from the leg pieces. I wouldn't recommend this method as you could end up having trouble getting your feet through the cuffs - I just took a chance as I know I have oddly narrow feet.

Other than that though, I absolutely love the Hudson Pants fit and design details. In particular, I'm a huge fan of the slim fit, the topstitched waistband (I made a reel sharing my top tips for a neat finish) and the pocket detail. Instead of making buttonholes for the drawstrings, I opted for metal eyelets which seem to be more durable, plus I really like how they look.

Be warned though, because the pockets are shallow and bordering on purely decorative. I don't mind as I only wear mine around the house and don't need to store anything in them, but you may want to add length if you need a functional pocket. 

So far I've made four versions which are in regular rotation and I have plenty more sweatshirting in my stash for future pairs. I actually didn't get around to sewing up two Christmas pairs in cotton jersey to wear as PJ bottoms, so I may make them soon to avoid disappointment this festive season. Sewing to deadlines is my nemesis, so starting super early might be the answer. 

I'll leave you with this reel which highlights 12 of my favourite outfits featuring all four of my Hudson Pants pairs. What are your go-to loungewear patterns? I'd love to know, as my life definitely requires more of it since the start of the pandemic.