Monet Messenger Bag

This is the Monet Messenger Bag from Simple Way. I took the kit down to Brighton with me in December as a way to stay creative while Charlotte was recovering from surgery in hospital, and completed it over a couple of days. It was the perfect portable project - flat to pack (on the way there at least) and no sewing machine required!

Like the Heart Bag Kit I made in 2015 while Charlotte was recovering from another surgery, this one includes the bag pieces pre-cut and pre-punched too. It also comes with a special needle and thread, as well as an instruction booklet. The instructions are pretty basic, but for a project this ridiculously easy they're fine.

I'm really fond of the scarlet colour and streamlined design, but I think the Monet Messenger could benefit from a couple more features. At just £8 cheaper than the Heart Bag Kit, I'd rather pay a bit more for a magnetic closure and inside pocket. 

The biggest disappointment with my second Simple Way transaction was the delivery. Charlotte paid extra for a speedy service because it was a last minute birthday present for me, yet the kit took ages to arrive. They did refund P&P posts for her though, which was good, but still a tad inconvenient at the time.

Also disappointing was the bizarrely uneven front piece, something I didn't notice until I finished hand-stitching the bag. It caused the front flap to sit askew and really annoyed me that Charlotte had paid good money for a faulty kit. However, after much sulking, it was a very easy fix - I used a ruler to draw a level line across and just cut away the excess (seen below) with a pair of scissors.  

Saying all this, the quality of the leather is really good and hard-wearing if my Heart Bag is anything to go by. I really enjoyed making both bags as they're satisfying projects which you can relax in front of the telly with and then enjoy donning daily.

Despite the hiccups we encountered with the Monet Messenger and the fact that the kits are pretty pricey,  I'd still love to try my hand at some more designs. I'm currently crushing on their satchels, the Cartridge Bag, the Toggle Bag and the Fox Handbag.

Have you tried a Simple Way kit before? What do you think?


  1. Looks fabulous. Annoying that the front piece wasn't straight. As you say these are not cheap to buy.

  2. So cool. I used to have the most fabulous cartridge bag and I left it at an ex boyfriends because I couldn't get anymore of my stuff in my 2CV... oh the memories. Jo x

  3. What a sweet birthday present. Charlotte seems like a keeper.

  4. I like the style I have not really tried any kits, it looks very roomy too. x