Bakerloo Blues

I've had this Liberty lawn in my stash for at least eight years and I can't tell you how many times I've rescued it from multiple destash piles at the very last minute. I've never known what to make with it, but something kept me from parting with it and the stars finally aligned.

Inspiration struck when I spotted the beautiful button down blouse below from & Other Stories and realised I could totally make my own using the Nina Lee Bakerloo Blouse. At first I was hellbent on finding a similar green floral fabric, but my search was futile so I reluctantly settled for my Liberty lawn. I don't know why I was so reluctant because I couldn't be happier with the result.

Just like my first Bakerloo Blouse, I made a straight size 12. This time I opted for the shorter sleeves and I shortened the bodice by around 8cm. As much as I love blouses tucked in on others, my proportions make it difficult for me to carry that look off, so I tend to prefer my tops on the shorter side and untucked. I'm tempted to go even more cropped next time. And yes, I could have hacked the pattern to add a button front, but I couldn't be bothered and I love it just as it is.

As I ponder all the potential Bakerloo Blouses in my future, I'm beginning to wonder how many Bakerloo Blouses is too many?


  1. Your liberty lawn is more beautiful than the original .
    I wouldn't have even taken notice of the original, yours is gorgeous
    Nice tip about the sorter length for the untucked look

  2. Such a perfect pattern to copy the RTW top! Your blouse is so pretty