Ahoy there Aldaia

The cat's out of the bag! I auditioned for the part of Robin Buckley in season three of Stranger Things, but Maya Hawke got the callback and the rest is history.

Not really, but my outfit is giving off some serious Scoops Ahoy vibes, don't you think?

I made this Pauline Alice Aldaia Dress months ago and wasn't planning to blog it, given that I have nothing to add about the fit and construction that I didn't already cover when I shared my first, second, third (if my refashion counts), fourth and fifth versions.

That's until I remembered the 1950s-inspired linen collar I made in 2011 (look at my baby face!), using vintage McCall's 1911. It's the perfect companion for my anchor-print jersey from Stoff and Stil and I just couldn't resist a kitsch photoshoot.

Despite loving a nautical look, I haven't been brave enough to wear this collar/outfit in public. Would you wear it out and about? Should I?


  1. I think its adorable and I would absolutely wear it out! You should too!

  2. I think you should wear it since you look great in it!

    I was wondering why I thought the collar looked a tad big for my own frame, and I think I would try to pin the habitual 2 rows of blue lines to see if the visual effect of breaking the white part would be better or not on myself.

  3. Marie this is such a brilliant outfit! I would definitely parade it for the world to see, and with pride!

  4. This is a super cute dress and I love the collar with it! I say you cold rock it outside...Maybe start by wearing it on the seaside if you don't feel fully comfortable with the look in a urban setting?
    the collar could also work with pants and a tshirt... I feel like I need to make one now... :)

  5. It is a wonderful combo - Wear it! Jo x