Dress Like Your Pet

There's nothing quite like the promise of a ball to get you reaching for the fanciest fabric and pattern in sight. Or, if you're like me, to fill you with sheer panic and indecision. Despite buying my ticket to The Dressmakers Ball months ago, I couldn't for the life of me settle on an idea until the weekend before the bash.

My bountiful stash just wasn't inspiring me, partly because I don't have super fancy taste so nothing seemed appropriate. With the pressure of being on the awards panel mounting up, I was on the verge of giving up when I remembered the luxurious velvet I bought from Fabric Godmother about 18 months ago.

As someone whose usual motto is 'more is more', black monochrome was not the obvious choice for me. However, the velvet's textured stripe effect, substantial weight and delicious drape give it a really expensive air (I mean, it wasn't cheap, but you know what I mean). 

To achieve the look I was going for, I paired it with the Jennifer Lauren Gable top, which has a chic 1950s-inspired slash neckline. I shortened the top to hit at my natural waistline, tapered it in slightly and added clear elastic to the bottom before attaching the full skirt from the Pauline Alice Aldaia dress. The Aldaia skirt comes up quite short, so I added about 13cm to the length for a more formal vibe.

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. I felt ridiculously elegant swishing around in it on the night, which was quite impressive given that I've basically made secret pyjamas disguised as a dress. Better still, I can genuinely see myself wearing it for so many other occasions. 

The biggest thing going for this dress though? It matches my handsome mini rex rabbit called Opie. Well, it's not quite as lush as him, but it's close! Now I have two dresses that match each of my rabbits - remember my original Aldaia in the grey colourway which perfectly complements Birdie rabbit? If #DressLikeYourPet or #MatchYourPet aren't a thing, they should be. Who's in?

Finally, a MASSIVE 'thank you' to Freya and Sarah from Crafty Sew & So for hosting such a wonderful night, in Leicester no less! I never fail to be impressed by how far stitchers will travel to meet up with each other and by how talented, beautiful and funny they are.


  1. It's lovely! I can never get that gathering-skirt-to-elastic thing to work; my seams are always bunchy. If I could I'd copy this dress!

  2. Very opulent. Looks gorgeous on you, and love your bunny too!

  3. Every time you feature Opie and /or Birdie I have the overwhelming urge to be a rabbit mama. I've even started following a local rabbit rescue's IG account. :)

    Your dress is...well...no words other than perfect will do. Such sweet serendipity that you had the velvet in your stash

  4. Gorgeous - I love the patterns you chose to make the fabric up in (I am keen to make a boatneck knit dress when/if our down under winter rolls around) and accessorising (shoes, necklace, bunny!!)

  5. What a nice idea to dress inspired by your pet! I think your dress is beautiful, Marie and your rabbits are so cute. Maybe my cat has a good colour scheme going on, creamy white with dark chocolate accents(ears and tail in her case) with pistachio green eyes! That could make a nice outfit!

  6. Your dress is beautiful and so very lovely on you. Great job on the make and massive bonus points that's it's comfortable to wear.
    A question: did you use a velvet knit? I ask because the Gable Top specifies knit.
    Thanks :)

  7. This is a gorgeous dress and also I'm in love with your bunny.

  8. Stunning Marie. Glad you had a great time. Jo xx