Cocktail Honeycomb Shirt

Last month, I spent a wonderful day sewing at The Village Haberdashery with these gals!

We were invited there by the lovely Ana of CocoWawa Crafts to celebrate the release of her latest pattern, the Honeycomb Shirt and Dress. Despite heading home with just one more button to sew on and the hemming left, it's taken me this long to finish and photograph. Life sure does get busy!

After unexpectedly falling in love with my Honeycomb Dress, I wanted to give the shirt version a whirl so I could pair it with this cute cocktail-print crepe from my stash. I think it was from Ditto Fabrics, but I got it such a long time ago that I can't be sure.

I'm really happy with my decision to make contrasting ties and buttons for this version, as they really stand out. This was my first time making self-covered buttons and boy are they fiddly little fellas! Why didn't anybody warn me?!? I really like how they turned out though and even though I'm not a gadget person, I think I would have given up if it wasn't for this nifty tool

Once again I made a straight size 4 (UK 12), as the pattern has a lot of ease. I added a fifth button to eliminate gaping at the bust and sewed the sleeves on with a 1.5cm seam allowance (the pattern calls for 1cm) to get rid of some of the extra ease. For my third Honeycomb - this stripy goddess in the making - I've tweaked the pattern pieces slightly to reduce the dropped shoulders...will report back on how that works out.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this sweet little shirt. Are you a Honeycomb pattern fan?


  1. Hemming is the worst, ha! I sometimes also set aside what I'm working on because it's annoying me :P I love the shirt, it looks super cute! The ties are a nice touch :)

  2. I like it and LOVE the back. It fits so beautifully.

  3. Its very beautiful, Marie. I love your fabric choice with the contrasting dark green, it gives it a vintage vibe.

  4. This is lovely! I really like the contrast ribbon and buttons, it looks great.