Honeycomb Dress

Hi friends! It's been a while, but I finally found time to sew something thanks to the lovely Ana of CocoWawa Crafts, who sent me a copy of her latest pattern.

At first, I wasn't sure if Honeycomb (available both as a paper pattern and PDF) was for me. I'm used to more fitted silhouettes and was convinced the relaxed fit wouldn't give me enough waist definition. That's why I fished out this animal-print viscose from my destash pile (bought from Minerva Crafts many moons ago), thinking that if it looked terrible on me at least I won't have wasted fabric I love. 

It turns out I quite like the looser fit and wish I'd gone for a print I'll actually wear. Still, I now have an excuse to make another version or two. If you're a fan of this pattern then you're in luck, as today is the start of the Honeycomb sew-along!

Let's talk details! The bodice has a front button placket with a Mandarin collar and two sleeve variations. You can choose to make a blouse with a gathered peplum or a dress with a midi-length skirt which can easily be adapted. Both versions get their waist shaping from sweet little side ties.

I sized down, making a 4 (UK 12) with no major alterations and I'm pretty happy with the fit...although I did make a couple of small changes.

I added two more buttons to the front placket because there was way too much gaping with just four buttons for a big bust like mine. I should have added an extra one between the top two, but I'm never going to wear it buttoned all the way up, so I got lazy.

My one observation is that the armholes are pretty big, something that would definitely need addressing if you wanted to make a sleeveless version or use a fabric with less drape. Despite the suggested 1cm seam allowance, I sewed my sleeves on at 1.5cm to try and eliminate some of the armhole ease. 

Next time, I'd love to find a way to shorten the back bodice without compromising the matching up of my side seams. Due to my larger bust again, I find that when a front bodice fits, the back bodice comes up a little long. Should I be shortening the bodice pieces and doing an FBA? Any thoughts/advice on this would be much appreciated!

Overall, this is a pretty cute pattern with lots of inspiring versions already out there. In fact, it's so easy and comfortable to wear, that I'd go as far as calling it the woven equivalent of secret pyjamas!

What do you think to Honeycomb? Will you be giving her a go?


  1. It would be a shame if you didn't wear that dress; it looks good on you and it does look comfortable too. Brown is not my favorite color to wear either but don't let such a pretty dress languish in the closet.

    1. Ah I have noticed the same problem with the length of my back bodice on a couple of recent makes. I hadn’t considered it being because of my larger bust. Fitting is an eternal mystery! Dress looks ace by the way

  2. I think it has a great shape on you. On warm days a loose fit is a god send. It has pockets too squeal! Jo x

  3. I think this looks great on you and you can definitely wear it! I get what you mean about not being sure if it was anything for you though. I took a look at the pattern on the site and there it doesn't really interest me either, but your version made me reconsider. I guess it's all in the fabric and the drapeyness of it!

  4. It looks lovely on you!!
    Years ago on Sunny's blog (can't remember the name of her blog), she mentioned that when it comes to positioning buttons and buttonholes, she throws away the pattern template and starts at the point between the bust apexes (api?) And works her way up to the neck and down towards the waist or hem, using a buttonhole spacer tool - that way you never get any gaping at the bust and I have followed that method ever since.

  5. It looks lovely on you! I have the same exact problem with fit... I do as you said and shorten the back based on my back waist length, then shorten the front to match the side seam length and then do and FBA.

  6. This is lovely Marie! Good to see you back

  7. looks lovely, wear it. Also, where are your gorgeous shoes from?