Scuba Martha Dress

It was inevitable I guess. I finally made a Martha dress I don't like, so after two successful versions (ditsy print and polka dot) I was third time unlucky! 

This has nothing to do with the Tilly and the Buttons pattern of course and everything to do with my fabric choice. You see, Martha's predominantly designed with drapey fabrics in mind and although my two ponte versions worked out wonderfully, I think scuba was a step too far.

What I dislike most is how bulky the scuba makes it look. The princess seams are fine to be honest, but the sleeves pull and crease in annoying ways and I really should have adapted them to eliminate the gathered sleeve-heads. 

The weight of the fabric also pulls down on the bodice making it a smidge too long, even thought the length is perfect on my other versions. 

Finally, I assumed scuba would be stable enough to not need reinforcing at the waistline, so I omitted my go-to waist-stay on this version. I really regret this decision now as it doesn't nip me in quite as much as I'd like it to.

The worst thing is that all of this could probably be rectified without too much hassle. But having started this dress back in August/September and dragged my feet about it, I'm kind of sick of the sight of it. I wore it once to a sewing blogger meet-up in Leicester (organised by the lovely folk at Crafty Sew & So), but I honestly don't think I'll ever wear it again.

It's ok though, being a die-hard fan of the pattern I've made a fourth Martha (you can't stop me!) and it's my favourite yet. I'll be sharing it later this week!

Have you ever fallen out of love with a version of a tried-and-tested pattern? What went wrong for you?


  1. It's a shame this isn't a favourite, because the colour looks amazing on you. I'm totally with you about not being bothered to rectify it, I really hate making alterations to completed garments, be it me-made or ready to wear.

    At one time my tried and tested pattern was the By Hand London Anna. I made loads over the space of about a year and haven't made one in ages. I think my style changed slightly and also I just got sick of making it! I might revisit it this summer, I have some fabric that would make a gorgeous maxi version.

  2. I'm sorry your tnt let you down- maybe there is someone else who would love it? I had to comment on the shooties- LOVE!

  3. The colour suits you very well though!

  4. Lots of sewists are jumping on the scuba bandwagon. I've been hesitant to try it because of scuba's shadow side. The dress is gorgeous-love the color and textured look. I really like that pattern also. We all have those 'wadder worthy' projects--love the pattern, but hate the fabric we used. If it has become your tnt, make it again in a better suited fabric.

  5. I agree that's a great colour on you! I had a similar experience with a Burda pattern. I made three brilliant versions and the fourth was so hideous I never wore it even once. In my case the problem was that my successful versions were solid colours and I didn't realise the pattern didn't work with striped fabric until I made version 4. Live and learn.

  6. Ah shame! Scuba can look a bit bulky and if it doesn't feel right don't wear it. I also think the you can't press out Scuba at the seams so the seams look like they are bulging, whereas other fabrics can get lovely flat seams which makes figures look flawless. Jo x