The Refashioners 2016: I'm no #jeanius

When Portia invited me to take part in the Refashioners again, I jumped in without hesitation. 

With my adrenaline pumping, I sought inspiration on Pinterest and fell hard for the patchwork look. It seemed to be the perfect match for Seamwork's woven tee, Hayden, which I'd been dying to make for ages.

Like a total nincompoop though, I totally missed her very clear memo that this year's challenge is all about jeans.

As unlikely as it sounds, distracted by work and life, I somehow managed to convince myself from the very start that it was about denim in general. Despite her follow-up emails, related blog posts and blindingly obvious blog button, I didn't twig until it was far too late.

Nonetheless, Portia is SUCH a gracious host, that she still humoured me with a guest blog and that's just one of the many reasons she's a beautiful human being.

Find out more about what charity shop finds I transformed to create Hayden, why I paired it with my faux-quilted pleather skirt and what I think to the pattern and a boxy fit.

Also, get involved in Portia's community challenge for a chance to win amazing prizes!


  1. I like a boxy shape because I am short in the body so it suits me. Don't you do a body shorten adjustment too? that is probably why it looks great on you. Jo x

  2. I really like this top. I imagine that denim is actually quite hard to sew with for stuff other than jeans but you have carried it off with aplomb. Xx

  3. I think this is a great outfit, I love the style of the top it is so well fitted and the patchwork style of it is fantastic. Well done for sewing with denim too! Xxxxxx

  4. Nice job! I like the color block looks of this shirt.

  5. very good way to spent some money. I impress by your stuff.