January blues-busting giveaway: winners announced!

My apologies friends, for I'm a day late announcing my giveaway winners...and I'm going to build your anticipation for a few extra seconds!

It's just that I enjoyed reading your January blues-busting tips so much (all of which can also be applied throughout the year), that I wanted to take a moment to share them with you. The most popular answers were exercising, taking long walks, spending time outside in the fresh air and taking holidays / weekend breaks. All fabulous ideas I think you'll agree! Less common, but equally great suggestions were eating lots of cake, investing in a daylight bulb, dancing to your favourite song, having lunch with a friend or gardening.

I'm going to assume that stitching wasn't mentioned as it's a given right?!? ;o)

Anyway, enough dilly dallying around! The two winners chosen with the help of www.random.org are:

Joanne from Stitch and Witter, you've won the delightful sewing patterns. Whoop! I love your style Joanne and I reckon these patterns will fit right in with the gorgeous vintage-inspired wardrobe you're so beautifully building up. Can you please leave me your email address in the comments below so I can get in touch about your address?

Lauren from lladybird you've won the yarn and bamboo needles. Congratulations Lauren! I'm impressed by how fearlessly you've embraced knitting recently, so I know you'll find a wonderful pattern to knit this yarn up!

Thank you everyone for entering the giveaway, as always I'm sorry you couldn't all win.

Hope you've all had an excellent weekend!


  1. They are lovely prizes, great giveaway and well deserving winners!

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  3. YAY I'm so excited for my prezzie!! Eeeee!!

    I already emailed you, I just wanted to gloat on the actual blog post too :)