Knitting for beginners #1

Well friends, I've been twittering on about this on Twitter, but I can't remember mentioning it on this here blog...I've taken up knitting! I've been so inspired by you talented knitters out there , that I just had to give it a go. I am particularly holding the following culprits responsible for what I foresee becoming an expensive addiction: 

I'd be thrilled if I ever got to knit as well as the ladies above, but I fear this will take some time! 

My beginners' course is eight weekly lessons long at Leicester's gorgeous Knit One and tonight was my very first lesson. We learnt to cable cast-on and the garter stitch. We practised casting-on a couple of times and then practised our garter stitch. For homework we must knit up our little ball of yarn and then next week we will learn how to purl stitch. It's all so exciting!

We each got a goodie bag tonight too, containing some yarn, a tape measure, an issue of Debbie Bliss magazine (although upon close inspection I discovered it's from 2009...naughty!) and what I'm told are good quality knitting needles. All I know is that they are bamboo ones and feel really nice to hold!  

The contents of my goodie bag

A close up of my imperfect, yet thoroughly satisfying to knit, garter stitch 

Do you knit? If so, please feel free to post a link to the item you're most proud of in the comments below. I'd love to see what you've made!

I feel so geek-chic now that I knit...teehee!


  1. Yey! Thanks for the mention :) I'm sure in no time you will be a super knitter! I have never used wooden or bamboo needles but I have heard that they are much better than the standard metal ones so I really must give them a go. I look forward to following your knitting progress!

  2. Welcome to the universe of yarn! I've been knitting for years, and crocheting since I was 7, and it still keeps getting better and better... will be sharing a couple of recent projects soon - and with Christmas coming (less than 10 weeks!) my corner of the blogosphere will be inundated with festive knits! Happy knitting xxx

  3. Aww thanks for the mention! I can't wait to see your progress, I love watching people's skills develop :) I think that's why I like blogs so much.
    I've used bamboo needles, I really like them. They have a lovely texture. Wood and bamboo are meant to be gentler on the hands than metal. I've never had a problem with either thankfully. Beware cheap needles! I prefer the more expensive needles, as it just makes it more enjoyable to knit on smooth comfortable needles :)
    Happy knitting! :D
    Ashley x

  4. Thanks for my mention, too - I'm honoured. Thanks, also, for the link to Liz's awesome blog. I love that stripy sweater pattern. Your knitting looks fabulous. Knitters of the world unite! Ashley is right about cheap needles. This is particularly true of circular needles. I had some cheap circular needles off Ebay and I had to throw them away in disgust. The wool really stuck like glue to the plastic cord and it was almost impossible to knit!

  5. Good luck with your knitting! As soon as the weather turns colder my thoughts turn from sewing to knitting, I love it. Although there are lots of great resources online, it's good to have the support of a class when you're starting off.
    p.s. Do keep an eye on my blog as I will soon be announcing something exciting and knitting related!

  6. i just taught myself how to knit! well, all i can do is the garter stitch :) i haven't even completed a project yet because all my squares end up triangular-shaped. all i know is that i like it better than crocheting. eventually, i'd like to knit fun things like hats & jumpers & socks!

    lucky you getting to take a class! i should look & see what they offer in my area.

  7. Knitting huh!? Cool! I hope to take up crocheting once I get sewing down. I've been sewing for a year and there is still a lot to learn. Good luck on this endeavor. I look forward to seeing some of your projects ^_^

  8. Thanks for the comments ladies! I've only ever used bamboo needles obviously, but they really do feel great!

    Elisalex & Kestrel - I will gladly keep an eye out for you lovely posts!

    Ashley & Karen - I hear ya loud and needles are BAD!!!

    lladybird - check out local classes, it's great to have the support when you're starting out!

  9. You MUST join Ravelry! Hundreds of free patterns as well as an index of practically every pattern ever designed and an amazing aupportive community with groups for everything you can imagine! It is so cool to be able to see "your" pattern as knit by lots of other knitters. Um, yes, I knit! I am Roobeedoo on Ravelry.

  10. Hello.

    Nice post! I love knitting but I am not to daring to try something more difficult:)
    I wish to knit cable sweater once!
    But I love knitting scarves (I've just finished one - it wasn't very original as it is for a boy), two years ago I've made poncho for my beloved... and I have a photo of a hippie sweater I have made in summer, so you can have a look;)