Attention all shoe lovers!

Love shoes? Love them even more if they have a vintage feel to them? Then you can't go wrong with the Office sale!

I'm a huge fan of Office shoes, but not of their prices, so sale time is the perfect time for me to indulge in all the lovelies I can't normally afford. Here's what I picked up recently:

30s/40s feel suede heels in a dusky pink and purple, with cute bow and stitching detail

70s feel platform heels in a lush forest green, with cut-out detail

70s feel tan and brown platforms

The best thing about all three pairs is that the heels aren't too high. I'm only 5ft 3”, but I've never mastered the art of walking in heels...I just find it too slow and uncomfortable! I like to power walk!

In sewing news, I'm working on two circle skirts, using Casey's sew-along. I'm desperate to join in her 2nd circle skirt party, so I must get them done by next weekend. Stay tuned it to find out why I'm making two...all I can say is that it's certainly NOT because I'm great!

Hope you're all having great weekends!


  1. Oh, those are just adorable. I love the purple suede ones especially!

  2. Oh Marie, Marie, Marie. My heart loves you but my bank balance is cursing you right now. I love Office and I forsee a large portion of my pay packet being spent there now. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Awesomely cute shoes! I've never heard of office shoes, so thank you so much for this post!

  4. I LOVE the green ones - they are gorgeous!!

  5. I've not been in office for ages, but after seeing these lovely shoes I think I'll be stopping by!!

  6. Ooops, sorry all! I shouldn't be encouraging you to spend money...eek!