Vintage fabrics or bust!

“Where is all my money going?”, I've been wondering these last couple of months. I know I've had a lot of social commitments, but even so, things just didn't add up! And then I had a mini fabric sort out and found the culprits. Worth every penny though I think!

From Fun Old Stuff I purchased 2 ½ yards of a lovely blue 1930s floral cotton and 4 yards of black and white gingham from the 1930s, both from an Iowa farm estate sale apparently. 

This stunning 4 yard piece of 1940s cotton came from a Tempest in a Teapot.

Over 3 yards of a 1930s polka dot linen type fabric and 3 yards of pretty 1940s floral cotton, came form Lakeview Arts

From Fetch Vintage 3 ½ yards of adorable 1950s windmill-print cotton and 3 ½ yards of a really unusual cotton print also from the 1950s.

And the piece de resistance? A real steal from a local vintage shop - 1 yard of a gentle green 1950s silk and 2 yards of the most gorgeous 1950s dress fabric.

Do you find online shopping, and particularly paying by Paypal, dangerous? I get easily carried away late at night, when the temptation of all the beautiful fabrics and patterns on offer becomes too much to resist. With a couple of quick clicks they are mine and I don't even feel like I've spent any money at all...until I check my bank balance of course...eeep!

I still maintain that the above were worth being a bit broke for. They're going to make me some beautiful pieces of clothing when I build up the courage to cut into them!

Have you ever bought anything that was worth being broke for?


  1. I totally did this yesterday! Paypal is dangerous! Especially when you do ebay and have credit! You forget the rest of the money comes from your bank account. I think I'm worse in a fabric shop. I spent £80 on 4 fabrics yesterday! But they were expensive ones to make proper pieces. I have a love of winter fabrics and wool is expensive!
    I feel your pain. I think we need to sort a fabricaholics meeting!

  2. LOVE the last fabric...was secretly hoping you had bought it on a UK website so that I could snatch up some for myself - damn!
    I definately spend too much buying fabric online too. This month I have filled up my trolley on a couple of different sites, with the total coming to at least £50...and then I chicken out. I am still tempted though....

  3. Err, yes, I bought a new sewing machine last Friday that will leave me broke for the next 7 months!

  4. Yes...I find paypal very dangerous. I think I just see the number rather than looking at it as it is...real money.

  5. Oh wow! What a lovely collection of fabrics. I don't know where I'd start! I do get carried away with a couple of online fabric stores. Fortunately I pay with card for both of them, so time I get to the checkout and see the total...

  6. yes!! Late night shopping is the worst. I always liked your taste in fabric and this just proves it again. I should hire you as my professional fabric shopper.

  7. Stevie - I'm sure the fabric you bought will be worth the money when you have staple garments to show for them! And yes to a fabricaholics meetings, sign me up ;o)

    Suzie - sorry to have disappointed you, but well done for chickening at the checkout...I wish I had your resolve!

    Adrienne - I'll do it for free for you ;o)

    Great to know I'm not alone with my overspending...eeep!

  8. Katy - wow, that must have been quite a splurge, but worth it I'm sure!

  9. Oh Marie they're all absolutely beautiful and totally worth starving for. Oh, and I've just bought an overlocker but I've paid for it with my sewing money so I think I deserve it! x

  10. The windmill fabric rocks!

    I was very bad when i started sewing and bought a lot of stuff online. But now i have realised that i am so so slow at sewing i will never get through my stash, and half of it may never be right for any of the clothes i will sew anyway.

    Go cold turkey, tis the only way. Don't "just have a browse" it never works! :o(

  11. Jane - you so deserve an overlocker with or without 'your' money. Just think of what you'll be able to accomplish now...though if you're anything like me, it may take you forever to figure out just the basics ;o)

    Law - I totally know what you mean! I totally have stuff in my stash that I have to seriously wonder about! Cold turkey cold...and hardcore. Don't know if I'm strong enough!