Overcasting advice sought

I have a burning question for you knowledgeable folk! I know that super cool people use an overlocker to finish off seams etc, but has anyone used the overcasting stitch on their regular sewing machine? If so, how would you rate it? Does it actually give similar results to overlocking, but just without trimming the seams? Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance...

So onto more fun things and also to cheer myself up on this dreary Monday evening, I decided to share a sneak peak of my weekend's sewing with you all:

Yes, I know they are yet more aprons, but I have a good excuse! They're for my future Etsy store, which I'm hoping to get up and running at the start of February. I'm also working on cushion covers (waiting for the cushion inserts and zips to arrive in the post) and I'm designing a few different clutch bags too. No idea if I'll be successful or not, but it's certainly a fun challenge!


  1. Love the aprons! I'm also curious about using regular machine for stitching over edges - tried it once and wasnt too sucessful, hope someone who knows better can help you, and me! Good luck with the shop x

  2. Love these! Especially the second one with all the pockets - very handy.

  3. Hey Marie
    I don't have a serger and use the overcasting foot on my sewing machine instead with the machine set to an overlock style stitch. I swear by it and I've even managed to change my college tutor's mind about them too, when she tried mine out. I use it when I want a nice even line of topstitching too as the edge guide is so useful.
    All I'd say is play around with some material scraps first and make sure you've got your tension and stitch length/width sorted before committing to your final piece of sewing. But that's common sense anyway, I guess. (Even though I completely ignored it myself onmy first attempt!)
    They're brilliant. Give it a go.

  4. I don't use a serger... I would prefer to do a french seam, bound seam, or zig zag'ed. I have a 'faux' serge stitch on my machine and I do use it for the side seams of jersey tops, rompers, etc, but that's about it! Zig Zag and Straight stitch get me where I need to go!

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments Katie, Sarah and Donna.

    Portia and Sarah Elaine, you guys have brightened my day! You've basically said exactly what I wanted to hear...so I shall skip off now and go experiment with my overcasting foot ;o)