'M is for make' fabric arrival!

Yay, today my first ever fabric order from M is for make arrived and I'm delighted!

I only recently discovered the M is for make blog and shop, though the lovely Handmade Jane blog and my only regret is that I didn't know about it earlier! The best part about my purchase – apart from the super fast delivery – was that most of my fabric choices just so happened to be on sale!

Echino fabric – doves in purple: on sale for £2.50 per Fat Quarter

Esther in Cameo: on sale for just £1.50 per Fat Quarter

Emmaline in teal: on sale for just £1.50 per Fat Quarter

In the Kitchen – Curio: bargain non-sale price of £2 per Fat Quarter

Cypress paisley plush: on sale for £1.80 per Fat Quarter

I'm thinking that some of these fabrics would make wonderful cushion covers...perhaps to be sold in an upcoming Etsy shop!?! Although, I can also totally see Emmaline in teal becoming an vintage-style apron of sorts...


  1. Hi Marie, I love Misformake (but you know that already!), glad you've discovered it. Gorgeous fabrics - I agree they'll make lovely cushion covers (SELL THEM!!) And talking of aprons, I made a few aprons from other fabrics in the In the Kitchen range and they sold immediately at my craft fairs! Not that I'm tempting you....!

  2. ooohhhh those are lovely fabrics, look forward to seeing what you make. Dee ;-))

  3. Jane! You know full well that you are tempting me! It's very naughty, but also encouraging to hear/know that there is demand out there for the kind of things I love making ;o)

  4. I bought the Echino fabric from there too!
    Hi by the way I'm a new sewer, who is getting really inspired by all the blogs online, including yours! Hope you have more success with the clothes-making this year. I have massive fitting issues too, so have avoided making dresses etc even though that's why i learnt to sew in the first place.

  5. Thanks Dee!

    Law, hello and thanks for stopping by! Keep going with the dress-making...maybe you can take a short course or join an online sewalong where you'd get support and advice? Do you have a blog - can't seem to find a link to it if so - would love to see what you made with your Echino fabric!

  6. Hey Marie,

    No blog yet, again that's something else I want to do but am a bit intimidated by. Plan to get one going in a month or so though. Thanks for the advice, i am thinking of doing a pattern cutting course!

  7. Hi again Law! I hope you manage to set up a blog soon. No need to feel intimidated, it's so much fun and it's a really supportive community (especially if you follow/contribute to the Sew Retro blog too). Anyway, good luck with it ;o)

    Also, I start a pattern cutting course next week and I'll be documenting my experience. Hopefully this may help people like yourself to decide if it's a worthwhile thing to do.

  8. These fabrics look gorgeous and I'm going to be naughty and head over to the Misformake website this evening....fingers crossed I'll find something just as cute!
    Have a fantastic time on your course. That's how I learnt the basics and I had the most fun ever. Plus you meet some fab people in the process.
    Where are you taking the course? I took mine at Sew Brixton in London.

  9. Hey Donna! I hope you find lots of cute fabrics on M is for make...it's a sure thing really ;o)

    My course is called 'Pattern Cutting and Garment Making' and because I live in Leicester, it's at a local college here.

  10. Lovely fabrics, looking forward to seeing the finished garments. I don't make vintage clothing myself, but I love seeing the amazing results of my fellow seamstresses!

    Just stumbled across your blog- it is truly great! I wonder if you would allow me to feature this blog on mine- Juliette's Sewing and Style Den and if maybe you could check it out and add it to the blog list too? I only started blogging a few month ago and trying to spread the word a bit. Thank you. Juliette