Apple-print Myosotis

Four months no post, but I'm back with my fifth Deer and Doe Myosotis Dress and she's delicious! I was inspired by this dress the gorgeous Samantha (@purplesewingcloud on Instagram) made using a fun apple-print cotton byGraziela Fabrics. We even filmed a little reel to celebrate our're welcome!

There's not much to say about the making of this dress that I haven't already covered before, but here's a brief rundown if you're interested:
  • Sized down to a 38 for a closer fit
  • Added 80cm waist ties (fun fact: I made them using the pretty selvedge)
  • Omitted the standing collar (I have a tutorial for that)
  • Kept the original skirt length with a ruffle
  • Opted plain sleeves

It's safe to say that the Myosotis Dress is one of my favourite patterns out there. Such a true 'tried and tested' that I have to consciously try to give other patterns in my stash a fair chance. This version in particular is very joyful, thanks to the print and colour combo.

What are you thoughts on Myosotis?

1 comment:

  1. Marie, this dress is super pretty and playful! and it's amazing how much the fabric can change the feel of the whole dress, in terms of print and drape...I swera your 5 versions (at least the ones I can remember) all have a distinct vibe!
    also, I'm forever a fan of your shoe choices :)