Vintage McCall 6475

This month I've been co-hosting #SewVintageSeptember on Instagram with Kerry of Kestrel Makes and it's been wonderful! Not only have I discovered many more vintage-loving stitchers and been inspired by  their makes, it's also re-ignited my interest in my own sizeable vintage pattern collection, which has  slowly dwindled in favour of indie brands in recent years. 

After a good rummage, I settled on McCall 6475 for my personal challenge, a sweet blouse pattern from 1946. I even managed to pair it with some 1940s stretch crepe from my stash, which was a bonus. 

Unlike some vintage patterns, this one has fully-printed pattern pieces and the instructions are very clear and thorough. The construction is also fairly simple, with the only fiddly bits being the narrow neck binding and easing the sleeves in. I made things even easier for myself by inserting an invisible side zip, instead of the lapped one the pattern calls for.

Being a vintage size 16, it falls pretty close to my measurements so I didn't have to make too many adjustments. After measuring the flat pattern pieces, I knew I had to take 5.5cm off the bodice so the waistline would hit me at the right point. To avoid messing with the design lines too much, I distributed this between the armhole and side seams, making sure to shorten the sleeve pieces accordingly. I then added the 5.5cm to the peplum, which in hindsight might be a bit too long. What do you think - should I shorten the peplum a bit? I saved all of my alterations in a highlight on Instagram called SVS for anyone interested. 

When I first set out to make this blouse, I had a vision of pairing it with a luxurious pair of RTW navy culottes I own, for a formal vintage feel. However, since I last wore them my shape has changed and they no longer fit properly. I was really disappointed and discovered that I don't actually have much else to pair this blouse with as I'm not really a smart separates person (something I've been meaning to rectify for years). 

I had to settle on the only pair of jeans that still fit me for the photoshoot and I just don't know how I feel about the overall look. It looks very contemporary, which wasn't the picture I had in my head, but maybe it means I'll actually wear it more in reality. I could throw a chunky knit over it for colder weather and wear it like this in warmer weather.

One thing I regret, is running out of time to make a matching belt. September turned out to be much busier than I expected both in and out of work, so my sewing time was quite limited. I might make one retrospectively, or get one made by Harlequin UK for a £12 bargain.

I also regret rushing to finish and machine hemming the peplum and sleeves. As a result, the hems are a bit wavy, so I should have taken the time to hand stitch them. Time wasn't on my side though and if it still bothers me down the line, I can always unpick and redo them.

A very apt and perfectly-matched label from Pink Coat Club

The neckline is the showstopper on this design for sure. I also love the raglan sleeves (the long sleeves are especially beautiful) and the subtle front and back waist gathers that give it a slightly blousy effect. It really is a very sweet pattern.

Overall, I'm not thrilled with my finished make - it's partly feeling like I rushed it and partly because I couldn't pair it with what I originally wanted to. I guess I'm also a little bit disappointed that I maybe wasn't ambitious enough for #SewVintageSeptember, but with how unpredictably busy the month turned out to be, that's not a bad thing. 

What I am happy about, is that this month has helped me to rediscover my neglected vintage sewing pattern stash. I'm going to make more of an effort to incorporate them into my future plans because I have some absolute stunners, especially in my 1930s collection.

Did you take part in #SewVintageSeptember? 


  1. It's really lovely Marie, and I think it looks great with jeans.

  2. What a lovely top! You did a wonderful job, and the fit is terrific. What I especially admire about it is that its a vintage pattern, and you have a beautifully made top that no one else will have anything close to. I'd leave the length 'as is' as its a perfect fit. Looks wonderful with jeans, and you can always make a vintage pair of slacks later to go with it (or a skirt). Deb E

  3. I had hoped to get into one of my vintage patterns and join you, but we’re all doing the time warp. How is it the end of September?! Is it telling that I want to see you rock this with a teeny pair of cut off jeans shorts? :) it’s lovely, Marie ❤️

  4. this blouse is lovely and looks quite contemporary with the jeans. I really like the way the design has gathers front and back but the sleeves are not gathered. It would look really elegant with the long full sleeve. I agree that the peplum might be a little long.

  5. Cute blouse. I agree with others that it looks great with jeans.