Bedroom Makeover

With our kitchen-related building work finally nearing an end (if you follow me on Instagram you'll know it's been a looooong time coming), I realised I never did share our bedroom makeover with you!

We finished it about 14 months ago, but it took us an embarrassingly long time to get there. This was partly because Charlotte insisted on doing it straight after our spare bedroom and we were totally burnt out. It was also because everything seemed to go wrong from the wallpaper not budging despite copious steaming to discovering a ceiling crack which resulted in stripping all the lining paper off. 

Anyway, it's hardly a new look anymore, but we truly love it!

Unbelievably, I have no before photos other than the ones we took when we looked around the house just before buying it. So the styling in the two photos above is not ours, but you can get an idea of the previous decor including busy wallpaper, lots of lilac, dodgy green carpet and poorly located radiator.

Moving said radiator and laying new flooring was Charlotte's dad's excellent handiwork, but everything else was our own blood, sweat and tears. And there was plenty of each...ok, maybe not the blood bit, but everything else.

If I had my own way, our whole house would be decorated in a vintage aesthetic with a mid-century vibe, but apparently when you're in a relationship it's customary to compromise. Charlotte prefers modern lines and I've discovered a fondness of Scandinavian design, so this explains our new decor. Much like the rest of the house, our choices are also dictated by my intolerance to clutter (dusting is my most dreaded chore), love of light/space and our need for storage.

So what do you think? If you like any of what you see, Charlotte's put together a handy shopping list below. Word to the wise though, if you're interested in our ceiling light fitting, it's much longer in real life with red and black cords. We cut ours down and coloured the cords with a black marker pen!
You can find our other room makeover projects here. Do you enjoy a bit of DIY? What's been your most ambitious project so far?


  1. I love how light and bright the room feels - you two have done such a wonderful job!

  2. For the US readers, there are a lot of similar ceiling lamps on Etsy.
    This is very lovely. I have really enjoyed your remodelling adventures, and thinking good 'cooperation/compromise' mojo your way. If you can get through a remodel, you can conquer the world!

  3. I love this, especially the furniture and the little metallic touches.

  4. Woah that was a huge job but it looks so great now! I think it often takes a lot of time because the room is 'functional' so you're not pushed to actually continue decorating it. We have a new house and we only hung the last bedroom curtains about five months after we moved in, cause I simply couldn't stand the cardboard boxes taped to it anymore, lol. But we still have a long way to go before it looks as fancy as yours!