A #VintagePledge Apology

Happy New Year, friends! I'm kicking off my 2018 blogging with a heartfelt apology to my #VintagePledge family, as I've totally let you down. Sure, 2017 started well and we even had a fun #VPJuly fortnight with daily photo prompts and generous sponsors. But since planning and starting comprehensive building work at home in the autumn, my mental and physical capacity to host the pledge fell by the wayside. 

The good news is that I've been busy organising belated end-of-year prizes and thanks to generous sponsors I can reveal them next week and announce winners in early February. So what are you waiting for? Get those half-finished #VintagePledge makes done and shared on the dedicated Pinterest board!

With our building work overrunning and life/work being as busy as ever, I've made the difficult decision to pause the #VintagePledge this year. I've absolutely loved running it for the past four years and it's my HUGE privilege to have had so many of you take part. But I don't feel I can give it my full attention and it's been a struggle keeping on top of it these last couple of years.

I'm so sorry, but I hope you understand!

Hopefully, once I've recharged my batteries it will make a return, but in the meantime, feel free to keep using the #VintagePledge hashtag on social media so we can stay in touch and continue to inspire each other with our vintage makes.  

Finally, I wanted to round-up some of the gorgeous makes added to the Pinterest board during the last quarter of 2017.

Although it's the wonderful array of coats/jackets that really caught my eye, a special mention has to go to the absolutely stunning 1930s wedding dress by Annotations of Jenny, who also made the 1930s bed jacket as outerwear below that.

Verity Vintage Studio: 1940s red coat

Stitch and Kitch: reversible 1960s coat

Kat Klebenow: 1950s plaid jacket

By Gum, By Golly: 1940s plaid jacket and 1950s swing jacket

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are countless beautiful dresses to list, fabulous knitwear, lovely bottoms and adorable kidswear. I encourage you to go have a look for yourself and can guarantee that it's a total treat.

While you're at it, why not check out previous contributions on Pinterest? Make a cuppa and immerse yourself in 2014, 2015 and 2016 too. 

Thanks SO much for your unwavering dedication to #VintagePledge...keep stitching up a bygone storm!


  1. Oh, I've NEVER said I'd do a thing and have real life intervene. (coughs nervously). I did finish my vintage blouse...in 2017....the one I started in 2016.....

  2. After watching in previous years, I'm glad I pledged and pinned in 2017 ;o) I moved house this year and it really slowed me down in the sewing department, I can't imagine how disruptive it has been with all your major refurb!

  3. No need for apology! We all need blogging breaks. I'm sure VP will continue to thrive, we love it!

  4. Is there anyway I can still ask to join the 2017 vintage pledge pinterest board to pin my 2017 vintage makes?

  5. I made my jacket pledge but I didn't put it on the board so here is the link. Your apologies are not needed, you have done a really great job over the years. Thanks for the chance to mingle. Jo xx

  6. Loving all of the outerwear and thank you for including my coat. There's definitely no need to apologise, life has a habit of taking over things and there's only so much you can do. I will, of course, continue to sew and crochet next year, either way! xx

  7. There really is nothing to apologize for. As someone who has been writing a blog for 6 years, and is STILL surprised every week by how long it takes to write a single post, I'm in awe of the work you've put into the Vintage Pledge! I do hope we'll continue to see your own lovely makes on your blog when time and building work permits. xx

  8. Very nice work
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