WeaverDee.com: New Online Sewing & Crafting Super Store

Hello friends, how are you? The eagle-eyed among you will have clocked the new sponsor in my sidebar, WeaverDee.com! The brand-new sewing and crafting super store launched yesterday with a bit of a bang online, offering generous introductory discounts on patterns, supplies and sewing machines, as well as free UK delivery until 18 May. You can also enter their prize draw by 31 May for a chance to win a Bernina 330 or runner-up vouchers!

Not yet a one-stop shop for fabric, what WeaverDee.com does boast is an extensive selection of sewing machines (overlockers and embroidery machines too) and accessories, all manner of tools, and supplies for making the likes of lingeriebags and so much more.

Do you like what you see? If so, make sure you stay up to date with WeaverDee.com news and offers on Twitter and Facebook!


  1. I decided to make my own iteration of the taggie toy with this stuffed lifesaver toy. You can totally make this, I've got a free pattern below to print out and get you started, its a simple sewing project so go ahead and whip out 3 or 4 to keep on hand for baby gifts. :) how to sew with a sewing machine

  2. Thanks for the tip, will check it out. pe770