New Year, New Wardrobe

The start of a new year is always symbolic of new beginnings, isn't it? One thing I've put off for ages is sorting out my wardrobe, so I thought I'd seize the cliche and start 2015 with a clean slate. Amongst the three bin bags full of RTW items, some still with their tags on, I also amassed the above sizeable pile of handmades. I normally feel really attached to things I've made myself, but this time I decided that ruthlessness and honesty were the only way forward. I grew tired of searching my overflowing wardrobe, yet feeling like I had nothing to wear. So into the pile went handmades that I don't wear for a number of reasons: ill-fitting, damaged, don't like, don't suit. Some will go to the charity shop, some to my mum and others I'll re-fashion (maybe) or recycle for the sum of their parts (zips and buttons). 

I made some tough choices, but overall I feel excited to build my handmade wardrobe back up during 2015. Although I'm not setting myself 'resewlutions' I'm destined to fail at, I do have some plans and ideas for this year. 

I don't usually like tying myself down to fixed plans, but these are two makes that I've been excited about for ages! I want to make a gathered-back Archer with this unusual floral voile that has a lovely flannel-esque feel to it. After being pleasantly surprised with the fit of my first Francoise, I want to make a long-sleeve version in this vintage crepe with a rather phsychedelic feel...groovy baby, yeah!


I ruddy love knits - they're easy to fit and sew, and even easier to wear! Some of the patterns I'd like to have more and new fun with this year are:

Moneta - Colette Patterns
Violet - Bluegingerdoll Patterns 

Linden Sweatshirt - Grainline Studio
Bonnie - Bluegingerdoll Patterns
White Russian - Capital Chic Patterns
Enid Fitted Sweatshirt - Jennifer Lauren


If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you'll know that skirts are my style nemesis. Although this isn't so much of an issue with dresses, I still only feel comfortable in fuller skirts, but have come to the conclusion that gathered waists aren't the most flattering on me. I have a reasonably small waist (in comparison to my bust and hips at least), so this year I'm looking to highlight this with alternatives to gathered skirts. As well as some of my vintage sewing patterns, I also hope to explore some contemporary patterns: 

Belladone - Deer and Doe
Flora Dress - By Hand London
The Mortmain - Gather Kits
Lonsdale Dress - Sewaholic Patterns
Lilou - Tilly And The Buttons

So there you have it, my 2015 plans in a nutshell, with details of this year's #vintagepledge coming on Friday! What are your stitching hopes and aspirations for this year?


  1. I've made a dress with that brightly coloured crepe you are planing to use for a Francoise. It's fun isn't it? That was a couple of years ago and it turned out super-maternity-style, but at least I did actually wear it when I was pregnant.
    I've got more ruthless about getting rid of handmade items too and it does feel good to get rid of wardrobe clutter.

  2. I am so impressed with your planned makes. I've just had a first pass at purging my wardrobe and am appalled at how much money I wasted before I decided to abandon RTW altogether. I am so much happier now!

  3. I am literally just about to have a clear out. I love making sewing plans for a new year. Finding flattering skirt shapes is tricky isn't it? I have a similar shape to you so I also aim for full skirts with less gather. I find it really helpful to write this stuff down before sewing something and then being disappointed with the results. Good luck to you for the rest of the year.


  4. Now you're getting rid of some of your hand made items, the really interesting thing for me will be seeing what you're going to put in your wardrobe. Fabric choices, trimmings if used, modifications to patterns..I don't think many of us can resist making even a small change. That's a lot of RTW you're getting rid of! Looking forward to 2015 to see what you're going to sew.

  5. What fun plans! I went crazy cleaning out my wardrobe last week and it felt so freeing to get rid of unloved things. I was able to sell quite a few handmade items to the local hipster thrift store, and while it was only a few bucks a pop, it made me feel good to know that someone else will wear this stuff instead of it clogging up my closet.

  6. I have on my to do list, "wardrobe plans", but I can't seem to get my head around making those plans! There are lots here on your list that I could easily put on mine, I love Francoise, but already have so many vintage patterns that are almost identical, been meaning to try Mortmain for ages, problem is too much choice!
    Oh and I give away me mades that don't work for me too.
    Looking forward to seeing your 2015 wardrobe. x

  7. I actually ditched some handknits this year - it was hard but they were knackered and I can't just wear them because I made them. So it is good to look forward. I think a slimmer skirt would be great on you rather than gathers. Jo x

  8. I think it's good to go in and purge the closet annually. It's crazy how quickly things can start to accumulate when they're allowed the opportunity. I've really got my mind set to sew some wardrobe builders this year. I don't have any solid or unmovable projects, but I have lots of ideas and I'm very excited to continue working on my stitched wardrobe pieces.

  9. Sooooo lovin all the inspiration i am finding here! off to follow those links and find new patterns to add to my "want to make" list (getting longer every day)
    bestest luck with your plans
    Daisy j x

  10. Love your (moderate) plans! I'm familiar with many of the patterns but not all, so it was fun to see some new ones, like that batwing top. And the Archer and Francoise are going to be great. I've been peering in my closet and making some mental notes on what I want to make, but I definitely need to do a bit of a clean out too!

  11. I have finally decided to get rid of a load of hand made stuff I'd been hoarding, just in case I could reuse the fabric! My plans are mainly to get the fit right on a few patterns I really like so they become go to patterns. I also have plans for knits, especially for the colder months, my Brontes and Renfrews have served me well this winter! Jenna is high on my list for all seasons. I also have trouble with skirt shapes, Sewaholic's Crescent skirt is, so far, the best shape I've found for me.