A special guest blog for Sue Ryder!

Hi friends, just a quick one today to signpost you to my guest blog over at Sue Ryder! I'm Sue Ryder's first ever guest blogger in fact, so I'm very honoured. I wrote about spotting the potential in charity shop finds,with both my stitching and home-owner hats on, so hop on over, especially if you fancy drooling over some stunning vintage furniture.

To the lovely folk at Sue Ryder - thanks for having me!


  1. Great post. I am in love with the vintage Singer. I used to have a treadle and it was the best machine I ever owned. I also buy loads of stuff from Charity Shops. This weekend's haul included six copies of "Golden Hands Monthly" and a huge length of Crimpeline in an amazing print. Total cost £4. Sadly not many have sewing patterns as they seem to just throw them out. :(

  2. Wow, great finds despite the lack of patterns!