Tasha at By Gum, By Golly shares her passion for stitching vintage!

Friends, I'm so giddy about today's guest post from Tasha over at By Gum, By Golly! Tasha is a self-confessed vintage obsessional, with a passion for sewing and knitting her way through styles of the 40s and 50s. She's also released her own vintage-inspired knitting patterns and shares updates on turning her 1955 brick ranch into a retro paradise. To have her support for my Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge is a dream come true...over to you Tasha!

Hi everyone, I'm Tasha from By Gum, By Golly. I was tickled pink when Marie asked me to guest blog for her about vintage sewing. I think she's just the bees knees! Marie's Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge is a fabulous idea, and I've loved seeing projects cropping up all over. I do a lot of garment sewing, and a large percentage of the patterns I use are vintage, primarily from the 1940s and 1950s (although I absolutely love supporting indie designers too!). Originally, I came to sewing in general as a way to supplement my wardrobe. I grew up crafty in a family full of crafty women, I was already knitting like a fiend at the time, so why not sew, too? Considering affordable vintage clothing in the eras I prefer will only get more and more difficult to find, it seemed like a great idea to take up sewing some of my own clothes.


And because my aesthetic is vintage already, that meant I plunged head first into vintage sewing. I wore vintage, so naturally I wanted to sew vintage. It never really even occurred to me that I should be nervous or scared of vintage patterns! Of course, I was passing by the ornate and beautiful gowns of the late 40s and 50s, and turning to the day-to-day, casual frocks, tops and blouses. I like to think I have kind of a carefree, casual and fun style, and so that's how I sew, too! I love vintage patterns first and foremost because, well, I love vintage, period! But there's so much more to it than that. It's a great connection to the past. When you hold a 60 year old sewing pattern in your hand that has little scribbles on it and pin marks, you wonder, "Who made this before me? What happened to the garment? How did she embellish it and make it her own??" It's such a neat feeling to know you're carrying on the tradition of generations before us, all in a few pieces of old paper and tissue!

Even if you don't wear vintage styles on a daily basis, who could resist some of the adorable garments found in vintage patterns, along with killer artwork on the envelopes? That's one of my favorite bits. There are soooo many different kinds of vintage patterns across many decades! No matter what your aesthetic is, you're sure to find something you like. And use your imagination to see how a vintage pattern might work in your wardrobe! While I may personally dress with a vintage slant, there are lots of vintage patterns that, sewn up, can slip right into a modern wardrobe! Just use your imagination. That's one of the most fun parts about sewing anyway, right? Taking a basic pattern and turning it into your own creation. Below I've paired a classic 40s pattern with a modern novelty print cotton. I love the unexpected!

And if you're unsure, test the waters with a wardrobe staple. Who can't use a 4-gore skirt? Go just below the knee for a 40s look like I did below with peep toe sandals, or try several inches above the knee with brightly-colored tights for a more modern take!

Now I know some people might be a bit gunshy about using vintage patterns. Maybe you've heard they tend to have short and pithy instructions, but fear not. Yes, a lace overlay wiggle dress with a shelf bra may not be the best starting point if you'd like to dabble in vintage patterns. So how about a 50s circle skirt, or a 70s mini dress, or a summery 40s dirndl skirt?

I cut my sewing teeth using vintage patterns and honestly, if I can do it, anyone can! The best part is the online sewing community is amazing. So many tutorials and helpful blog posts, and oodles of friendly and encouraging sewists to cheer you on. So go on, take Marie's Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge! Join in all the fun. What are you waiting for??

Thanks so much for the inspiration and encouragement Tasha!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I haven't really tried vintage patterns or style, but her modern, wearable take on vintage is really inspiring and makes vintage sewing feel much more approachable.

    1. So glad you think so and I hope you have fun branching out ;o)

  2. Tasha love your style. It's great to see some one sewing and wearing the great styles of the 40's and 50's, My next project for myself will be something 30's. I sew mostly for my daughter and grand-daughter who enjoy vintage. I also use vintage patterns, but then I'm vintage too.