Love at First Stitch - A Review

Following on from yesterday's post, today I'm actually sharing a glimpse of Love at First Stitch - the debut title from everyone's favourite, pint-sized powerhouse known as Tilly and the Buttons. What immediately strikes you when first leafing through the book is just how beautiful it is - it has a very fresh and modern aesthetic with a definitive nod to Tilly's signature retro, 60s style. 

You'll be relieved to know that it's definitely not just a case of style over substance though. This book is also packed with a wealth of helpful information and advice, as well as step-by-step techniques that are guaranteed to help you 'up' your sewing game.

Tilly expertly and meticulously takes you through each step of every project, with clear instructions and even clearer photographs. Despite designing her book predominantly with beginners in mind, she has a great knack for not dumbing down, making this the perfect companion for stitchers of all abilities.

There are seven different patterns to delight you, and unlike similar books for beginners, you'll be pleased to know that there's not a single cushion cover or laundry bag in sight. That's right, seven patterns solely for your selfish stitching pleasure!!! The patterns are classic and simple, lending themselves nicely to 'wardrobe staple' status, yet each have a number of additional variations to help you get the most out of them and express your own unique sense of style.

The full-scale patterns are in a handy envelope at the back of the book. You will have to trace them off though as they're overlapped - something I personally dread having to do as I'm SO lazy - but it's a truly small price to pay all things considered!

Aside from the adorably versatile patterns, I absolutely love the 'Make it a Lifestyle' sections running throughout the book, offering tips on creating an inspiring sewing space, fitting sewing into a busy life, becoming confident in dressing handmade and so much more. Tilly's conviction and passion about stitching becoming a lifestyle choice is inspiring and rather contagious. 

I really can't praise this book enough for striking the perfect balance between being inviting enough for beginners and challenging enough for those with more advanced skills. I know you won't want to just take my word for it though, so here are more reviews as part of the Love Sewing blog tour:

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You can get a signed copy of the book directly from Tilly and the Buttons, order a copy from Amazon, or if you're quick, get a free copy when you subscribe to Love Sewing magazine!


  1. You convinced me - subscription now completed so I can have this book and a magazine to inspire me!

  2. Wonderful! I can't wait for the U.S. release.

    1. Hope you get your hands on a copy soon!

  3. Hello
    I have a vintage 1940's ladies coat pattern I would like to give you if you want it?
    The cover is in bad condition however it's worth saving all these years to give to someone who likes vintage clothing


    1. Wow, thanks so much Janice! I've emailed you ;o)

  4. I really cant wait to make stuff out if your book its like an essential wardrobe but I am a big size I think bigger than the patterns in it, so if I was to trace the patterns into bigger sizes would they still work? Thanks