Notionally Speaking - Vintage Sewing Patterns

Wanna know what draws me to vintage sewing patterns? Well, I've pinpointed it down to five key elements which I've shared over at Claire's blog (I Want To Be A Turtle) if you're interested. My guest blog is part of Claire's brand new series - Notionally Speaking - in which she allocates bloggers a single word related to sewing and gives them full license to interpret it in any way they want. Be not being prescriptive, I really think the series has the potential to produce some really rich and original content. I'm honoured to have been Claire's 'opening act' and I can't wait to see what else she has lined up for us! 


  1. I love working with vintage patterns. I'll hop on over and check out your post.

  2. It's a great post! I enjoyed it and discovering a new blog!