Let's get behind Colette Patterns for a win!

I'm sure by now you've all heard that our beloved Colette Patterns are nominated in the Martha Stewart American Made awards, celebrating crafty goods and companies in the US. Admirably, if they win the $10,000 grand prize, they intend on giving the money directly to their employees to thank them for their hard work! Imagine the productivity and creativity that gratitude will produce, all of which we'll be the ultimate beneficiaries of course!

Currently, Colette Patterns are in second place in the Craft category...about 11k votes behind a scrapbooking company...can you believe that?!?

The good news is, you can vote 6 times a day until 22 September so there's plenty of time left for Colette Patterns to catch up...and you don't even have to live in the US to vote. If you're forgetful like me though, you can even sign up to the Colette Street Team for daily voting reminders. Finally, you can also add a button to your blog like I've done to encourage fellow stitchers to vote.

We wanna beat the scrabookers, right? Surely our sewing community is bigger and better?!? Let's help Colette Patterns win and show everyone who's boss ;o)

**This post was not masterminded to offend crafty types of any particular persuasion, my sincere apologies if it does! I'm merely trying to evoke some camaraderie among sewing aficionados.** 


  1. No need to put down one group to raise the hopes of another.
    Scrapbookers are creative people too and I am sure that group work equally hard.

    1. Quite right! I've added in a line to make my playful intentions crystal clear. It's all about stirring up some sewing camaraderie, not actually anything sinister against scrapbookers!

  2. Yay! Just signed up for the street team. Go Colette!