Watch This Lace – Reana's rad rub-off!

For today's, penultimate Watch This Lace post, I'm excited for two reasons: we're Down Under and we're spending some time with none other than the sassy Reana Louise! You may remember her from Curves, Patterns and Pins, but she's back with a bang and blogging here now. This girl is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and she has such a fun sense of style – colourful, yet  chic. I also love her honest and hilarious way of writing, so over to her...

If you ever get the chance to work with Marie I encourage you to grasp it with your bare, stitchy little hands. She is organised, generous, and just as nice as she appears on her blog. I am with the firm belief that she's secretly a saint or a serial killer. So, thank you for having me Marie! :)

Like many of the other participants, sewing with lace was pretty new for me and I was excited but nervous about wasting a precious vintage treasure. I took inspiration from a beautiful Deer Creature blouse and decided on a visible (but safe!) panel over the décolletage. 

Deer Creatures inspiration via Paunnet

But to add a bit of a challenge (because, you know, if there's not a 90% chance of me screwing up it's not a challenge) I decided to do my first 'rub-off' pattern. Guys, rub-offs are easy! Why didn't you tell me?! Oh, it's a well known fact? Well, cool beans then.

It's a cropped, square-shaped blouse that is forgiving of those burrito binges I seem to keep having. The original blouse was super basic so I love the visual interest that the lace panel adds to this one. If I were to make it again (or, if Brisbane had a better fabric selection) I'd love to copy the mint / lace colour combo of the Deer Creatures blouse. Until then I'll be wearing this breathable, cotton bad-boy to the burrito bar, and everybody's invited!

Thanks again for having me Marie! And happy birthday you magnificent woman!

Reana Louise, can I place an order for one of these super cute blouses? I seriously need one in my life please! The shape and fabric choice is fantastic and you've really managed to showcase the lace in all it's glory...thank you so much for playing along! Oh, and when are we off to the burrito bar?!? Nom, nom, nom!

Next week will sadly be the last in this series, but I know you'll all be flocking over to see what the unbelievably productive Lauren from Lladybird has in store for us!


  1. Its been a great series Marie :-) I love the shape of that blouse too, and the lace panel really makes it look something special.

  2. Lovely top. I have yet to try the rub off pattern making technique. Excellent job and this lace is the right touch.

  3. Cute! What a nice use of the lace!

  4. Super, super adorable! The lace looks too cute!

  5. Very cute! Love the lace panel. What a cool idea!

  6. It looks great!! I am gathering sewing inspiration for the winter, this shirt is high up on the list!! Great job with the lace!
    Kristina x

  7. So beautiful! Absolutely love this girl. And, um, can I come to the burrito bar to pretty please???

  8. This is an amazing blouse and if it is easy to make I will be off sewing then!