Well I don't know about you, but March was a whirlwind of sewing activity for me what with OWOP and the Mad Men Dress Challenge! Have you had a chance yet to read Tilly's round-up (I'm so chuffed that I was featured alongside another 6 OWOP bloggers out of a whopping 105 participants) or to drool over Julia's big reveal of all the Mad Men dresses? Swoon!

Anyway, amongst all the March excitement, some lovely bloggers decided that I was worthy of an award or two – how nice is that!?! I was generously given with the Versatile Blogger award by three talented ladies - Sorbet Surprise, Ruffles And Whiskers and The Musings of a Dedicated Housefiancee. Further to the award's rules, pop on over here if you want to know 7 random (and a bit boring) things about me.

I was also lucky enough to win the Sunshine Award, passed onto to me by the very sweet Ginger Makes. For this award, you get to find out some even more random things about me..lucky duckies!

Favourite colour: It's not possible to choose just one! My most favourite are probably purples, greens and blues.
Favourite animal: I like animals, but not enough to have a favourite I'm afraid.
Favourite number: I'm a big fan of the odd numbers, particularly 3 and 5.
Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Possibly a tropical fruit smoothie.
Facebook or Twitter: Both, although I'm much more proficient at using Facebook.
My passion: Stitching!
Getting or giving presents: Both for sure!
Favourite Pattern: I've yet to find it.
Favourite day of the week: Friday and Saturday.
Favourite flower: Is it too weird that I don't have one? I like them all I guess!
Favourite celebrity role model: I wouldn't say I consider any of them role models to be honest, but I do have a few favourites like Zooey Deschanel.

Because I believe that sometimes rules are made to be broken, I just want to pass on some of this kudos to some well-deserving recipients, whose blogs I've only recently discovered. Please don't feel you have to partake in the award rules, but if you want to play along just take your pick of awards ;o)

Oh, how good it feels to exchange awards...what a giving blogland we live it!


  1. Thanks, Marie!! Congratulations on all of the blog awards you're racking up. :)

  2. March was definitely a whirlwind! I had so much fun participating in the Mad Men Dress Challenge!

  3. Hi Marie,

    I'm so excited to meet you in the flesh tomorrow! LOVED your OWOP! week, by the way. You looked awesome every single day, and you managed to make such different outfits out of effectively the same style top. And your boyfriend's comments really made me laugh. My boyfriend has recently learnt the word 'peplum' and keeps trying to drop it into conversation!

    See you tomorrow
    Zoe xx

    1. Haha, I love that your b/f uses his newly learned word as often as possible ;o) It was so good to finally meet you!!!

  4. Thanks Marie!!! Congrats on your awards and thank you for nominating me!!! Woo hoo!!! I really can't stop gushing over your Mad Men dress, and your OWOP BF commentary makes me smile everytime I read it hehehehhehehe. Keep up the good work and keep on sharing :)

    1. Aaaw, thanks for all the kind words Neeno and you're most welcome for the award!