Mad Men style files #7 - Betty Francis (nee Draper)

Friends, today's post sadly concludes my Mad Men style files...for now at least! I'm so pleased to now have such rich inspiration at my fingertips and I know I'll be referring to these images often. I hope you'll find them useful in months to come as well!

I absolutely had to round this journey off with my ultimate Mad Men style icon, sugary-sweet Betty Draper. I cringe at my own predictability, but even though I love many aspects of different characters' wardrobes, Betty's is the one that truly makes my heart sing. I love how she is still very much a 1950s dresser resisting the more looming styles of the 1960s. And even though I'm not a huge fan of 1960s styles, when Betty occasionally succumbs to them, she pulls them off flawlessly. Then there's her underlying loneliness and sadness that makes me want to look after her and tell her that everything's going to be ok and that Don is a baboon.

Knowing the depth of my feelings for Betty, you can imagine my devastation after discovering she didn't feature in the 1.5hr Season 5 premier. I'm hoping she'll come back with a bang soon - although admittedly most of the latter 1960s fashions in this episode (and entire series no doubt) left me cold.

Anyway, feast your eyes upon some of my favourite Betty outfits – I struggled to even narrow them down to this number, so be grateful there aren't more!

Images courtesy of Tom + Lorenzo.

Trudy is the only one who could probably give Betty a run for her money in the shirt-dress stakes, if only she had as much air time. Betty is seen wearing them on countless occasions - from light, summery ones, to darker and more sombre looks.

Worryingly, Betty's casual outfits are glamorous compared to mine! Doesn't the blue blouse look like a Sencha (Trudy also sports a similar one) - I really like the embroidery on the front and the back buttons.

This is just absurdly cool attire for a spot of rose-bush-clipping!

Chic is definitely a word that comes to mind when picturing Betty. Her use of scarves, neutral colours, nautical details and classic make-up is such a winning combination!

This little pink scalloped suit she wore in Italy has been beautifully recreated by Tilly and the nautical outfit (and its variations) seen in the series of photos below, is one of my favourite of the entire series!

Betty also has an array of pretty dresses that she wears during daytime outings and less formal events. This dotty one has been widely admired.

One day, I'd love to make myself a wiggle dress like these - I even have a similar blue-rose-print vintage fabric in my stash!

The sweet pink floral number below has been replicated beautifully by this gorgeous lady

To me this dreamy floral number is pure soft porn!!!

Just when you think it can't get better, there are Betty's divine evening gowns

She looks cute as a button in her lacy maternity number, glamorous in her long gloves and sophisticated in red

Didn't I tell you she does 1960s well!?!

I've left this for last because it's the edgiest and most stunning Betty's looked to date, which perhaps is an indication of what's to come in Season 5...

Is Betty amazing or what? Don't worry if you disagree, I won't hate you...much ;o)

I'm sad that this series is now over, but happy that I'll be sharing my very own Mad Men Dress Challenge post tomorrow. It's been so exciting seeing what you've all been making and I suspect there'll be a lot more posts popping up throughout the week!

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  1. Oh I love the blue Sencha-style blouse! Makes me want to make another Sencha, tho I might need one of those architectural-miracle pointy bras to do it justice :)

    1. Hehe! It's definitely made me want to sew up a Sencha!

  2. I'm not with you I'm afraid. I don't much like her (she is horrible to her children) and I don't much like fifties pastel floral. Sorry! I'm a Faye / Joan / Rachel gal.

    1. I know what you mean, she's not a great mother! But I probably wouldn't be either if my husband was never around etc. I do agree that she gets less likeable as the Seasons progress, but I still have a soft spot for her clothes ;o)

  3. Betty was my first love, in terms of Mad Men style icons. As her character became less likeable and as we got to see more lovely office-appropriate looks sported by Joan, Peggy, Dr. Faye, and the other female characters, I found myself more drawn to their working girl styles than Betty's pretty housewife look. Betty's style will always hold a special place in my heart, though! :)

    1. Hehe, I totally know what you mean Sue! I have a soft spot for Betty's style, but I totally love the delicious 'working-girl' styles too!

  4. Marie, you know what? I bet I keep returning to all your posts just when I need a style swoon fix!

  5. Oh, Betty... Her outfits are all so beautiful. If I had found the time for the Mad Men challenge, I would have made the sleeveless peach dress (the first photo in your post). I may still try to make something like it this summer. So cute!

    1. Ginger, that peach dress is the one I almost made! Great minds think alike eh! It's definitely still on my 'to-make' list though!

  6. Any take on Betty and Peggys' brief moment?