Mad Men style files #3 – Rachel Menken

It's less than two weeks now until the big reveal for Julia Bobbin's Mad Men Dress Challenge and I'm insanely excited, especially as so many of you seem to be taking part! I've not actually sewn any of my dress together yet even though parts are cut out, so I need to get on with it I guess. I do hope that these posts will inspire new people to take part part (there's still time) and will also provide some serious style-eye-candy for the rest of you!

Today's Mad Men character under the microscope is Rachel Menken - another one of Don Draper's love interests...aren't they all!?! Rachel, like Faye Miller, is a successful and independent woman (sadly not strong enough to withstand Don's 'charm') with a killer wardrobe to boot. 

I hope you enjoy feasting your eyes upon some of my favourite Rachel looks – as usual all photos are courtesy of the Tom + Lorenzo blog!

Ah, this purple ensemble really calls out to me, 
especially when paired with the simple pearl accessories

This coral two-piece is so cute - I love the crisp white detail around the edges and the feminine blouse she's wearing underneath

Is there any colour that Rachel Menken doesn't suit? The cheeky leopard print top is a great way to liven up an outfit and her mustard dress with dramatic necklace is so effective!

More stills of the delightful mustard dress - the black piping really helps to draw 
together the black accessories

I really dislike this hat (sorry dodgy hat lovers), but the colour of this dress is stunning and again, so are the accessories!

And finally, who doesn't like a dramatic polka dot look? I love how the dark colours give this outfit a tough edge...I'm convinced that I need the cropped jacket in my life!

What's your take on Rachel Menken and her outfits? Do you rate her style or are you not really a fan?

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  1. You do need that cropped jacket! And I need that coral two-piece....

    1. Oh yes, I can see you in that coral two-piece!

  2. Hi,

    I came across your page recently and I'm trying to find an email address to contact you on to ask if you would please consider adding a link to my website. I'd really appreciate if you could email me back.

    Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Hi Madison, you didn't leave your own email address...

  3. I love Rachel's sleek and wearable with an understated elegance! I think her purple suit is one of my favourite outfits in the entire show!