Trying out terrific tutorials in 2012

Happy New Year everyone, welcome to my first post of the year!

I don’t have a finished project to show off yet (I’m working on four things as we speak though), but I do want to share one of my hopes for this year. Despite not setting myself specific aims/resolutions/targets for 2012, there are of course things I want to achieve. Especially new sewing techniques like trying out piping, pin-tucks and the like.

One of my burning desires though, is to try out some of the terrific tutorials I bookmarked last year, but never got round to doing! There are so many tutorials available from generous and talented bloggers, so last night I had a good browse and decided to put these at the top of my list:
Scalloped Hem Sorbetto from Coletterie /  30s scalloped collar tutorial (part 1 & part 2) from Casey's Elegant Musings

Vivat Veritas Scalloped Waist Skirt  /  Smocked Skirt Tutorial from Victory Patterns  / Gertie's Gathered Skirt Tutorial (part 1 & part 2)

Double Agent Dress from Oonaballoona- not sure this is very 'me', but it would be great to have a go at sewing with jersey!
You’ll notice that most of them are very summery, but it’s what I want to sew, so I’ll just have to layer up! You’ll also notice my slight obsession with scallops...I just can’t help being drawn to them!

Is there a tutorial that you just can’t wait to try? Or better still, are there any you’d strongly recommend?


  1. Fab, fab, fab choices! A few of those are on my 'must try' list. The Gertie one was fun and really easy. A nice tutorial to save for when you want satisfaction quick! I 'd love to make a Sorbetto with capped sleeves.

  2. I have made a couple of skirts from Gertie's tutorial. What I will say is choose your fabric carefully. Anything too thick and you'll look very bulbous! My successful makes have been from a taffeta gingham and a raw silk - fabrics that have a bit of structure but are light enough to stand all that gathering. I tried this skirt once in quite a thick cotton - urgh! Good luck with your projects! I really want to do some scalloping this year, too.

  3. I love the double agent dress I'm hoping to give that one a whirl too as it seems like a good introduction to jersey and the scallop edges are to die for, so pretty and feminine!

  4. Great tip Karen, many thanks for that! The last thing my body shape needs is unecessary bulk!

  5. I adore scallops too! I would love to try Casey's scalloped collar tutorial and the Vivat Veritas scalloped waist skirt tutorial.

  6. Great projects. I too seem to be obsessed with scallops. I think they make almost every plain item better.

  7. I agree, scallops are lovely, and I'd not seen the Sorbetto version which is a great idea. You might also like this, which I found ages ago and have just googled for you:

    I agree too about bulk in a gathered skirt - personally the style wouldn't work for me, but it's lovely if you can get away with it.

  8. Great plan Marie. I'd forgotten about some of these and particularly like the scalloped sorbetto and scalloped collar. Time to get some French curves I think!!

  9. Great tuts, all of them!
    I made Gertie's gathered skirt, one time with a silk (maybe taffeta? I don't know the english term for it) fabric of some kind, and the second with a cotton fabric. I just reduced the amount of yardage for the second skirt, because I wanted to reduce the bulk. And it worked. Both skirts turned out very pretty.
    The Sorbetto top was another one I tried, and ended up giving it away to a friend of mine, because it turned out too short for my torso (and my taste). But my friend loved it, so the tut got the job done!

  10. Happy New Year Marie!
    I had a wee laugh when I saw your list of tutorials, as I have every single one of these 'pinned' to try out sometime too!
    Can't wait to see how you get on. Ooo - and curious about the four (!!) things you are working on at the moment.

  11. Thank you for the tips Madame Pelagie, very helpful!

    And Suzie, that's really amusing! They are great tutorials though, what can I say!?!

  12. I also made Gertie's gathered skirt in some satin I got from Vietnam dirt cheap. Turned out lovely. Def recommend!