Christmas gift knitting

Rewind back to October and more specifically my first Crafty Christmas Club post of the year. My Christmas gift-making plans were predominantly of the sewing variety and I had pretty much discounted any knitting because I didn't think I'd be skilled enough in time. Ironically, unforeseen circumstances scuppered my sewing plans and instead, the gifts I have managed to complete have all been knitted!

Taking up knitting was one of the best things I did this year and I'm delighted (not in a big-headed way) at my own progress. I would love to tackle something more ambitious soon, but this is a good start, no?

I made this shrug for my mum using a Sirdar pattern and the MOST BEAUTIFUL yarn ever! It was pricey, but look at all the wonderful colours and the texture! Interestingly, this yarn came unravelled and I had to twist it into a ball before starting.

Another one of the snoods made world-famous by Karen. This one's for a friend and I made it using Sirdar's Big Softie yarn and this free pattern.

A sparkly scarf for another friend, using this lovely free pattern from ravelry. I love the graduated colours of this yarn and the interesting ribbed effect the pattern produces.

And finally, a gift for myself! This was made with the same pattern and yarn as the snood above, but I used moss stitch instead of stockinette. You can see my first ever snood here.

I did also experiment with a batch or two of edible gifts, but they were most definitely a fail. So maybe I can revisit that idea next year!

I can't believe it's just one more sleep until Christmas, hope you all have some excellent plans lined up!


  1. Well done on your Christmas knitting! That Sirdar yarn is gorgeous in particular x

  2. Marie, these are all so dreamy. I love them all.

    Hope you and your family have a very happy holiday!

  3. Wow, you've surpassed yourself Marie and you're quite right to be delighted. Have a wonderful Christmas. x

  4. well done Marie! your knitting is really fab!
    I love the colours in the purple scarf too.

  5. They look great Marie, I especially love the sparkly scarf! Your knitted makes are awesome, I can't beleive you have only been knitting for a few months. Good stuff! :)

  6. I'm loving the yarn you've chosen - they are beautiful! And well done for getting to the point that you are giving what you knit (when just a few weeks ago it seems you were learning!) What an achievement. Hope you have a great Christmas & looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2012!

  7. Wow Marie, you are killing it! I'd be absolutely rapt to get any of these things. This must be getting you some serious brownie points. And puh-lease, get big-headed. These amazing creations are worth it!

  8. Your knitting is beautiful! I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Sam xox