Frustrated by the gloomy weather

Fellow UK residents, and residents of other wintry parts of the world, are you feeling frustrated by the gloomy weather and lack of light? 

I'm absolutely itching to share my two latest finished projects with you – a delightful Pendrell Blouse  and a snug snood inspired by Karen – but there never seems to be good enough light for photographs! It's gloomy when I leave for work in the mornings and pitch black by the time I leave work. I'm so desperate that I've even considered nipping home at lunch time to snap a few, but it's been grey and raining all this week. Pathetic eh!?! 

So until I find some light to photograph my finished goodies for you, I'll leave you with some retail therapy I recently underwent to help lift my mood. None of them have arrived wait, but I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on them!

Oh, how I love the view on the left...the fabric is just divine!

I love the simple lines of this 30s pattern

This coat is so elegant...though I don't think I'll get round to making it this winter!

The yellow and navy views are my favourite, I can see them really dressing up a casual outfit!

I love the pleats and neckline of this pattern...oh and the bow detail of course!

How sexy is this low back!?! I also want the black patterned fabric it features!

I like how this looks like a two-piece, but is in fact a dress

I can see the orange version becoming a summer staple...aaah, come back summer!

How lovely are these 1950s rose prints?!?

I love swiss dot and this grey one is so delicate-looking

I have a 1960s-esque summer dress in mind for this beauty

So, is the gloomy weather affecting your blogging in any way? What are you doing to lift your spirits...not hoarding patterns and fabric like me I hope...


  1. I'm actually loving this wintry weather - I say bring on the dark afternoons, mulled wine and sunday stews! But I have definitely had the same photographic issues... and it seems the same online impulses - I'm expecting a little parcel from Lanetz any day! Yay!

    Photographic tip - get the Xmas fairy lights up and take some atmospheric/festive shots of your creations instead.

  2. I'm drooling over your patterns and the fabric too.

  3. What fun you'll have with these patterns, they're all fabulous! Also loving your fabrics, but the last one is also my favorite too, so beautiful!

    I randomly came across your blog, but I'll for sure be back!

  4. Naughtiness! Love it! You don't mess about do you?!

  5. Hehe, you're right Portia! I don't mess about ;o) Basically, on payday I put aside an amount that I allow myself to spend on patterns and fabric...but I literally blow it all in one go! At least Etsy is a fairly cheap place to get these things from...most times ;o)

    Elisalex - I love your idea about atmospheric/festive photoshoot...might have to try that. Ironically, I managed to get some good outdoor snaps of my snood this morning!

  6. P.S. Welcome Bri! Thanks so much for stopping by and becoming a you have a blog?

  7. Ok, that grey swiss dot is AMAZING. Was it an etsy find?? I have several of those patterns, but I'm definitely going to have to watch for that first one. It's divine.

  8. Yep it's been way too gloomy for me to take pics of anything!!! It's so depressing :o(

    Hmm etsy is a dangerous place to linger isn't it!

  9. Oh wow, these area all amazing, but I love the top one, too! The border print is a great detail!

  10. I nearly passed out when I saw the first three patterns - they're divine! Love the fabrics too, especially the grey swiss dot. x

  11. Angie.a - everything above was an Etsy find. I've been obsessed with Etsy for a while now...there are such treasures to be found ;o)

  12. I am attempting to combat the gloom with a knitting frenzy!

  13. Mmm delicious. I love that at least your boredom turns into eye-candy!

  14. Marie, I am with you on the dark winter's so difficult when you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark! I also have a few finished projects that I really want to share on my blog, but haven't managed to take any decent photos yet.

    Loving the patterns that you have ordered!