Sunday, 23 October 2011

Self-drafted circle skirt(s)

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll already know that I’m a HUGE fan of tutorials and sew-alongs from the talented Casey of Elegant Musings. So far I’ve taken part in her Swing Dress sew-along and have tried her 1930s inspired scalloped collar and Western-style Ginger skirt tutorials, all with great results.

Casey’s recent Circle Skirt sew-along was no exception and I’m really happy that despite missing her first circle skirt party, I got to take part in her second one. This is now online, so check it out here if you’re interested in seeing lots of cute circle skirts!

Drafting and making your own circle skirt couldn’t be simpler…unless you’re me! I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve made two circle skirts. This is because my gorgeous first attempt ended up being way too small!

This had nothing to do with Casey’s sew-along and everything to do with me forgetting to add the seam allowance. D’oh! I was so sad about this as I love the cotton fabric - it has a novelty feel to it, but without being tacky. 

Anyway, I decided to dust myself off and have another go…and I love the result! 

Attempting to show off my perfectly circle-shaped skirt!

In reality, this version is much better for the cold weather. The heavier, wool-blend fabric is warmer and drapes so well. Similarly to the first version I inserted an invisible zip – officially my favourite method for fast and neat results – and finished the waistband with a button.

Obligatory front and back shots

I was really eager to try out horsehair braid on the hem, which was going really well, until my machine got hungry and gobbled it up! I had to revert to just regular hemming, which looks fine, but I hope I get to try the horsehair braid another time!

Naughty sewing machine!

All in all, this is an easy and satisfying project! With Casey's expert guidance, just the two pattern pieces and two body measurements, you really can't go wrong! I was convinced a circle skirt would suit me, but I really couldn't be more thrilled with it and I've already worn it out!!!

I'll leave you with these: building up a little momentum...

...and lift-off! 


  1. Marie you are just adorable and your circle skirt is an absolute triumph and very nicely styled. Well done indeed :)

  2. Oh this is soo pretty!!! This definitely makes me want to make my own circle skirt!

  3. Gorgeous! Perfect circle, as you described. I have been itching to make do this tutorial One day, I hope.

  4. Super cute! This skirt really does suit you!

  5. That skirt is lovely! I bet you'll get loads of wear out of it this winter. Also love that pale green top in the first photos - is that handmade too?

  6. Thank you ladies! As usual, your comments bring a big smile to my face!

    Melizza - it's a really fast project so give it a go soon ;o)

    Amy - nope, the top's from Primark! I have it in a coral colour too!

  7. Very nice! I love it.

  8. That is GORGEOUS! And I love your red shoes

  9. Haha you are tooooo cute. That skirt is slammin, and I love the beautiful folds of a circle skirt. I'm still yet to try horsehair braiding, too.

  10. That's so cute! I also adore the first outfit, it's such a pity that awesome skirt is too small :( and the top is great indeed!

  11. Oooh this skirt makes me want to make one, just for the twirling fun you can have with a circle skirt. So pretty!!!

    Seriously though, the hemming must have been a pain??

  12. Thanks, you guys are so nice!

    Law - the hemming would have been a pain had I done it by hand...but i cheated and machined it! I think I got away with it because of the heavy fabric, so I probably would do it by hand for something lighter or posher ;o)

  13. that circle skirt sew-along was the best! love how yours turned out - so twiiiirly :D bummer about the first one being too small; that's a really cute print fabric too. maybe you can gift it?

  14. Hello! I'm so enjoying your blog at the mo, thought I should leave a comment as you may have inspired me to think circle skirt with this wonderful example ...I'd always thought there'd be too much bulk on hips - but you look so glamourous & it's wonderful in winter weight fabric. Hmmm. Pondering !

  15. Oh love them both! They look so girly and fun. They look fab on you.

  16. Thanks Nikki!

    Scruffybadger - I was worried about this kind of dress being bulky and unflattering too and ended up pleasantly surprised! So give it a go, I'm sure you'll love it!

  17. So cute Marie! I have never actually made a circle skirt. I always felt the same as scruffy badger about circle skirts but I really love the way the satiny print skirt you made drapes. Very swingy. The other one is very cute and more 50's for sure.