Fun with detachable collars #3: the nautical edition

Oh, how my fun with detachable collars continues! I took last week off work to concentrate on some sewing for my upcoming Etsy store, and although the unexpectedly excellent weather was distracting to say the least, I did manage to make some rather special sailor collars.

You all seemed to love the 1950s white linen one I made using McCall's 1911 (which made its d├ębut here), so I made up some more.

I then adapted McCall's 1911 and settled on a fun little design. These are also made in linen and are trimmed with crossgrain ribbon. They were so much fun to make!

I 'modelled' my favourite colour combination – coral and navy is yummy! The face wasn't cooperating fully...

Some close-up details for you 

All the colourful collars!

I also played around with 1960s Simplicity 8060. Not sure I like it as much as the other ones, what do you think? Do you think it could work in other colours like the ones above?

Hope you like these little collars as much as I do! For my full my detachable collar journey, you can go here and here. 


  1. Oh, super cute! I love the ribbon ties, and how lovely they look all laid out together, too.

  2. Loving the nautical collars, so cute! I think the simplicity collar would work well with sleeveless tops like in the illustration.

  3. More collars! Odd comment, but my you have gorgeous nails! Gorgeous nails and collars; fab combo.

    Simplicity 8060 is not my favourite either, but I would still wear it! xx

  4. Thanks all! Reana Louise, thanks also for your 'odd' comment ;o)