Vintage Life magazine

I must apologise first for the lack of actual sewing on my part lately, but I promise to get back to it as soon as I return to Blighty. I'm itching to get some done and I have many projects in the pipeline.

Anyway, when a friend alerted me to this relatively new magazine – Vintage Life - I became incredibly exited!

So much so that I even contemplated subscribing before I'd even read a single copy! But I'm glad I waited to buy the July issue (issue 10) first. I'm glad not because Vintage Life is awful, just because in parts, I found it a little too commercial and I'm not even particularly knowledgeable in vintage matters. I don't know what I expected...maybe more information about where to get genuine vintage items and tips on telling them apart. Instead, a lot of the fashion content was about vintage inspired items available on the high street and about reproduction.

This is just my initial reaction based on one issue alone. The last thing I want to do is hastily write Vintage Life off, so I fully intend to continue getting it, in an attempt to reach an educated conclusion. If anything, it's great that the magazine is helping to bring vintage to a more mainstream audience.

In the meantime, here are a few things I liked about July's issue:

1. Vintage event listings around the UK during July.

2. A nod to sewing/crafting by dedicating a page to ideas on customising clothes for a more vintage look. The ideas were pretty basic, but great for beginners: Lace, Buttons, Ribbon and Beads.

3. A comprehensive tutorial on making your own vintage cake stand. I'm a sucker for cake stands, but I've also seen how much nice ones can set you back, so I thought this tutorial was great!

4. Ideas of how to create a 1960s makeup look. I'm a huge fan of the feline eyeliner flick, so this series of looks/tutorials was right up my street!

5. Some pictorial food for thought for vintage inspired weddings.

6. For fans of reproduction clothing, July's issue also provided a comprehensive list of online retailers. If like most stitchers you're keen to make your own, you might just enjoy having a look for inspiration:

Anyway, enough of my 'critique'! Have you been reading Vintage Life magazine? What are your thoughts on it?


  1. I've never seen it before but like you, it's the sort of thing I'd be tempted to subscribe to before even seeing a copy! I'll definitely buy it just for the pictures alone! Thanks. x

  2. I've read a few issues and, frankly, was pretty disappointed. It was billed as Chap for girls, but really it's just another women's fashion magazine with a vintage slant. I had hoped to find articles about inspiring women, or even in depth fashion history or design etc. but it seems very focused on hair, shopping and makeup. So yeah, will keep an eye on it but no subscription for me yet!

  3. Well I have to say I agree with you, I have seen one issue not impress i was so excited that someone out there was giving me a little extra on the vintage living,, but no nothing of what i was expecting.
    For me if I want vintage inspiration I have to hit the yard sales, thrifts stores and look for books and magazines from the 50's-60's.
    I have found much better tutorials on youtube or the internet in make up and hair do's.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. That's a shame it's not very good.. but I'm definitely glad to know!

    I'm a sucker for Martha Steward Magazines and Real Simple. Not Vintage, but lots of great DIY.

  5. i saw it sometime ago and picked it up to check. I'm not really a vintage person, but even I was disappointed.but like you said, best not to write them off just yet. I'm sure its constructive feedback like yours that will make them revise what they are currently doing.

  6. Interesting, I haven't seen this magazine yet but am definitely going to keep an eye open for it - think I will have a good flick through before I commit to a purchase though!

  7. It's interesting that we all seem to agree whether we're vintage 'experts' or not! I've gone ahead and bought August's issue too, so I'll probably post about it once I've had a chance to flick through properly...still not convinced about it though!