I want to close my gaps!

So, I’m on holiday again – this time in gorgeous Portugal – but even whilst sunning myself I have sewing on the mind!

Back in May, Gina of Vintage Girl unveiled her Closing the Gaps Sewing Project, an idea I liked but didn’t give much thought to at the time. Recently though, I’ve been thinking about my willy-nilly approach to sewing and wondering whether a little more structure may prove more productive. I'd love to be able to take part in a 'self-stitched' or 'me-made month' sometime soon, but at the moment all my makes have been a little haphazard.

Don't get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed sewing whatever I’ve fancied and jumping on board random sew-alongs, but my wardrobe has some serious gaps that need addressing. I’m in desperate need of skirts and trousers. Apart from the occasional pair of jeans, I really struggle to find shop-bought bottoms that fit me, due to my awkward waist-to-hip ratio!

So I've decided to take a leaf out of Gina's book, by addressing and hopefully closing some of my clothing gaps...woohoo! The patterns in my stash that are just begging to be tackled are:

The elegant yet simple McCall 6338

Colette's Ginger skirt...definitely with the addition of Casey's super cute cow-girl pockets

The adorable summer skirt pattern that is Simplicity 1261

And, I've seen too many lovely versions of Simplicity 3688 not to try it, namely Jane's and Debi's.  This is not a pattern currently in my stash, but I'm seriously thinking of investing in it!
Of course I'm not ditching sew-alongs altogether ;o) I'm so excited about Sewaholic's new Lonsdale Dress sew-along starting in August...are any of you thinking of taking part?


  1. I'm planning on sewing along with the Lonsdale dress as it is perfect timig for completion before my holiday. I am excitedly waiting for my pattern to arrive...should be any day now! Hope you are enjoying your holiday :)

  2. I really need to do this! I have a massive gap in the tops department. I always sew dresses or skirts and recently made my first pair of shorts but I have no tops that I have made. I really want to make colette pattern's violet.

  3. I'm doing the Lonsdale Dress sew-along! I'm really looking forward to it (although projects are really starting to stack up around here)! Have you selected your fabric yet?

  4. Go for it Marie! I'm not taking part in the Lonsdale sewalong, I think it's a lovely dress, but not the right shape for me. I made my first Ginger skirt this week (will blog about it later) and it's easy peasy, you should definitely give it a try. And you MUST invest in Simplicity 3688, the trousers are just so easy and go with everything! Good luck x

  5. YAY for Portugal! We recently went to Lisbon and LOVED it!!!

  6. Gingermakes - I've yet to pick out my Lonsdale fabric, but I'm sure I'll find something ;o)

    Jane - love your Ginger skirt!

    Debi - Portugal is just brilliant, I love Lisbon too, although at the moment I'm in the Algarve.