Self-imposed challenge: an update and a confession

I am sad to announce that for the time being I have had to leave Vogue 7648 unfinished! I had a great vision for this gorgeous pattern that is looking less chic and more tacky 70s it possible for a person's creations to appear TWICE on Karen's Ugly Amnesty?!? 

So what went wrong eh? I wholeheartedly blame my fabric choice – what was I thinking regarding the colour/print and why didn't I go for something heavier for better drape!?! The only positive thing I can take away from this project is that I got to try out making my own bias binding, which I used around the armholes instead of the suggested facings – the process was easy enough, but seriously time consuming! 

Anyway, to round up my rather grumpy rant, here are a couple of pictures to chuckle about:

Of course I didn't want unfinished Vogue 7648 to cost me my self-imposed challenge of sewing three things in time for and suitable for my upcoming visit to Cyprus. Oh no, I don't give up that easily! With my Crescent skirt and Sorbetto Top already done, there was only one thing that could right this wrong...

...I made another Sorbetto of course...and then one more for good luck! Yep, that's three in total and I can't guarantee that there won't be more! Obsessed, one-trick pony, me? Never!

Apologies for the decapitated images, but my face and hair really weren't up to much today.

The three amigos!

As you can see, I'm really digging the contrast bias binding look! If I ever make a silky monochrome Sorbetto though, I think I'd go for the sleeker option of using matching bias binding. I also love  Sarai's suggestions of embellishing the centre pleat panel with lace, or buttons, or ribbon, or bias binding bows. I think for the ample-bosomed lady, like myself, simpler is better.

Anyway, enough of my rambling for one post! Has anyone else tried this pattern yet? What did you think?


  1. Oh I really love those tops! Where did you get the blue floral fabric from, it beautiful! x

  2. Don't give up. I, personally, LOVE the look of the fabric and bias. Hopefully you'll pick it up soon.

    I love those tops too! I just bought my bias maker so I can make some bias for the Sorbetto top. Here's hoping it's not hard. You make it look easy. The tops look so lovely.

  3. I love the musky pinky one !!!!!

  4. I'm finishing up my Sorbetto now! It's been kind of a challenge for me, probably because I am... not ample-busted. I can definitely seem myself living in these this summer. I love your floral choices-- I'm not usually into florals, but these are so pretty and sophisticated!

  5. I love love LOVE the Sorbetto! The pink and brown floral is my favourite. So far I have printed out the pattern but not got any further...maybe this weekend! What fabrics did you use...was it voile for all three or have you tried cotton? (it may be that you have mentioned this above and I have missed it, being blind as I am, so apologies if this is the case!!) x

  6. Your Sorbettos are lovely. They look so breezy!

  7. Thanks all!

    Katie - I think I got it from Croft Mill actually, but it was months ago. They do have loads of other lovely fabrics that you should like though ;o)

    Melizza - can't wait to see yours! Honestly, making bias binding is easy enough, just be prepared for it to take up quite some time!

    Anna - nice of you to drop by ;o)

    gingermakes - I honestly think that this top will look excellent on non-ample-busted figures! It will be very flattering I'm sure!

    Kat - get a move on with this won't regret it ;o) Only my 1st version was voile, the other two were very lightweight cottons from Croft Mill.

    Good luck all!

    Kat - only my original

  8. Marie your sorbettos are so lovely. Maybe this is what I need to do to get my sewing mojo back. Do keep making more. They look really beautiful, especially the last one.

  9. Ooh ooh ooh! I think I'm getting the Sorbetto bug! Yours are just fab!

  10. Lovely tops, and when you find a style that suits you so well there's no harm in having a few of them!

  11. The pattern for your dress does have great potential. Please remember sewing is not always a hit or miss, but a piece of art that changes as you make it, your masterpieces you can wear. Maybe make the dress into a skirt?


  12. I love all your Sorbettos, you look fab in them and they'll be perfect for Cyprus. Your comment about appearing in Karen's ugly amnesty again made me laugh out loud! Have a great break. x

  13. Wow! these are all so pretty!

  14. Love the tops Marie! They look fantastic with the contrasting binding! Sam xox