Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sweet little lavender bags

I finally got enough spare time (trust me, you don't need much) to try out Handmade Jane's excellent Lavender Bag Tutorial and I'm so glad that I did! These little gems are so quick and easy to put together and make the sweetest smelling least I hope my aunt agrees with the latter as she'll be the lucky recipient when I see her on Sunday.

As you can see, I experimented with a lace cut-out for one of the bags. It was originally going to be a heart, which proved to be a total disaster so I settled for a rectangle instead. My technique certainly needs tweaking, that's for sure! I'm not actually sure if I prefer them with or without. What do you think?

The best thing about this whole process? It turns out that 250 grams is quite a lot of lavender, so I have plenty left over to play around with! I took up Jane's recommendation and bought it from Provence Lavender and I was impressed with their next day delivery and reasonable prices.


  1. Wonderful, definitely a great gift idea!

  2. Oh they look fab, so glad the tutorial worked! x

  3. Thanks both, especially you Jane for providing such a great tutorial!x

  4. Such a great present idea, and good for keeping the moths at bay as well!