Sew small

I somehow managed to cram a little bit of oh-so-cute sewing, well prepping actually, into a pretty busy weekend. The first of my two made-to-order pinnies for a 14 month old girl is all ready to be sewn up and I still can't get over how tiny it is - the nape to waist measurement is a mere 22cm!!!

I used Meg McElwee's Montessori Child's Apron to help me draft a simple pattern and I've got my denim sewing needle at the ready, which I bought as suggested by the oilcloth research that I previously did and posted about here.

It should be a breeze to sew up, so watch this space...

Have any of you made children's garments before - what's the youngest age you've ever sewn for?

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  1. I love the miniature schnauzer pattern- too cute! I am also about to do my first ever mini dress for a friend, and am looking forward to bypassing that whole fitting process- heaven! Also I thought I'd let you know I'm passing on an award to you, you can see it on my blog :)